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  • The Shadowbearer (An Aegis of the Gods Book)
    425K 7.7K 35

    The Shadowbearer is made to be a stand alone of sorts and a prelude to Etchings of Power. Etchings and the other books that follow are told from different POVs than the Shadowbearer. They are all part of the interconnected worlds of the Cyclic Omniverse that currently spans 8 books. You can start with any series in t...

  • The Walking DEAD [Daryl Fanfiction] (Coming Back Soon!)
    17K 160 8

    Bobbi Jo Daryll Otis was what you would call the stereotypical redneck: out in the woods & mountains with her only other neighbors being the Dixons and her sister. Everything was fine before the outbreak, she had a family, a boyfriend, and all the game she could get in the woods, she even got a job in the military as...