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  • Garnet Academy: School of Elites
    28M 1M 70

    (Academy Series #1) The Gonzalez heir, Kairon, was sent to Garnet Academy to ensure his safety against the suspected hierarchy war. Appointed as the Commander of the student body, he got the privileges and people fearing him... Except her. Except Paige from Casa Aeris.

  • Sapphire Academy: School of Nobles
    5.3M 271K 64

    (Academy Series #2) Being the son of an acting chairwoman of the academy pushed Jax to keep his identity hidden. Introduced himself as a scholar, he is slowly creating a name of his own by ranking number one in class. Then there's Cali, the spoiled girl who desperately wants to beat him.

  • Topaz Academy: School of Royals
    199K 1.2K 1

    (Academy Series #4) Lancer felt like he needed to do something and Topaz Academy might be the key. At the school of royals, he was hailed as the Lieutenant, the highest ranking student, feared and respected. But when he met this person who resembled his best friend's little sister, Cat, shit began to happen.

  • Zircon Academy: School of Magnates
    355K 5.4K 2

    (Academy Series #3) The ever popular Shawn Mercado is loved by many. Someone who's smart, rich, compassionate, and always knows what to do. He's always been so sure of everything. But never with his childhood girl best friend, Ariyah. Specially when feelings got involved.