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  • Elemental Heroines
    278 31 8

    A separate ideas book that covers my eventual Elemental Heroines series. This is just to give them their own space before I get around to posting the first story. It will also be a place for any series news, or votes, or changes etc. And it will eventually have a read order page that will keep you all on the right pat...

  • (1) Across Space and Time (S. Rogers & O. Kenobi)
    2K 195 8

    With a connection to the Force that even Master Yoda will be unable to describe, Sylvie Skywalker has lived her life as a slave whilst honing her abilities herself. When Anakin is picked up and taken away by Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sylvie refuses to let him go alone. Sneaking her way into the Jedi's vessel...

  • (1) Chaos (O. Kenobi)
    2K 252 9

    A child of Chaos, the first in thousands of years, Seja was taken to the Jedi Order to be trained. Years later, she is appointed to Naboo, to protect its Queen and continue her studies. But the world is changing. And Seja finds herself thrown into war and a struggle with the Dark Side that will forever change her. -B...

  • (2) Patrimony (H. Potter)
    1.6K 228 7

    Daughter of the legendary Grindelwald, Rhiannon has attended Durmstrang Institute for three years. But now year four rolls around and with it, the Triwizard Tournament. Her life is thrown upside down in ways she never thought possible, but the sweet, bubbly girl with a heart of gold, must now adjust to the world and...

  • Nothing Lasts Forever | The Doctor {2} ✔️ (Original Version)
    223K 8K 90

    {ORIGINAL VERSION} "Why?" "The rest of my life will never be enough for me if you're not by my side." <3 Lily felt her heart break the second her Doctor regenerated. She thought she had more time with him but she was wrong. It didn't take her long to realize that her Doctor was still with her. But when things finally...

  • Dreaming of a Blue Box | The Doctor {1} ✔️ (Original Version)
    527K 19.9K 86

    {ORIGINAL VERSION} "Why did you take my necklace?" "Because I wanted you to follow me." <3 Imagine that the dreams you've had as a child were real events that had happened to a certain alien. Now that Lily has met him again she promised herself to never let go. - (Original) Book 1 of the Lily Carter Chronicles - Doct...

  • (1) The Wolven Storm
    2.3K 176 7

    ** Coming Soon***

  • (1) The Other Potter (D. Malfoy)
    10.2K 703 14

    HP/TVD CROSSOVER. ... The Other Potter follows the story of Daisy Potter and the dangerous and joys that come with being Harry Potter's twin sister.

  • Love and Duty (T. Lannister) **Coming Soon**
    1.6K 108 3

    Travelling to Winterfell was supposed to be simple. Vaella was there for the wedding of her father and her new stepmother, Lyarra Stark. But plans go awry with the death of Jon Arryn and the announcement of a visit from the king. Game of Thrones/Harry Potter Crossover. Founders Era.

  • (1) Iter (Zuko)
    1.7K 106 12

    - Crossover between Avatar: The Last Airbender, Dragon Age, and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. .... When Miri wakes up on a beach with no memories of who she is, it comes down to the kindness of strangers to take care of her, to help her. With time and experience, her memories slowly return. But a certain exiled Fire Prince...

  • (1) Young Gods (Thor) **Coming Soon**
    3.2K 289 5

    Called into battle, Narissa leaves her peaceful island life behind her in favor of working alongside mortal heroes to save the world. But she is not the only god in play. Working with mortals is hard enough, but working with another god leads to butting heads. But could there be more to the aggressive tension between...

  • (1) Alis Propriis Volat (Loki)
    6K 605 16

    - I am bringing this back after the replacement kind of fizzled out. (Book One - Ljubičica Čarobnica) Being a Hargreeves is difficult. All that trauma and unresolved childhood issues tear them apart from the inside. But now, Astoria has a second chance to prove she is worth something. That something, is stopping an a...

  • (1) Once Upon..... (H. Potter & D. Malfoy)
    10.9K 886 18

    Born in the Enchanted Forest to Rumplestiltskin, Rosette was only a toddler when her brother Baelfire sought to free them from the world of magic, to save Rumplestiltskin from the darkness that was consuming him, but travelling via magical bean separated the siblings, leaving Rosette stranded in the Forbidden Forest o...

  • 01 - Sealed Within
    16 3 3


  • Always and Forever [Twilight & HP Fanfic AU]
    5.2K 436 13

    Renesmee Carlie Cullen is the only daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen. She was a miracle baby because she was born when her mother was a human since her father is a Vampire, making her a Hybrid. However, when Renesmee was a few months old, Rosalie witnessed her niece doing Magic, which made Bella confess the truth ab...

  • The Lion's Den (Book One of The Savior Fables)
    4.8K 404 13

    Everyone thinks they know this story. Just like their favorite fairytales, however . . . not all stories come to pass like we think they should. After all, not everyone sees eye to eye. In which Harry goes off to Hogwarts and meets some new friends who become family along the way. Book one of The Savior Fables, a cros...

  • Becoming a Witch [Harry Potter AU Fanifc]
    27.2K 1.9K 12

    Eighteen-year-old Deanna O'Conner has been a big fan of the Harry Potter Franchise since she was a little girl. Every time Deanna reads the series, she could imagine herself being one of the characters, particularly Harry Potter or Hermione Granger. Deanna was heading home from work one evening when a drunkard crashe...

  • Vita Brevis (D. Dixon)
    8.3K 642 13

    The end has come. And for Catelyn and her mother, that means holding up in an abandoned church but soon enough she is thrust into a survivors group that she has no interest in but sticks with for the sake of her mother and the surprise return of her father. But with the new survivors comes Daryl Dixon. Catelyn finds m...

  • (2) Lost Cat
    1.6K 164 6

    Book Two: Kangusha Queen Tatiana's the biological daughter of Wolverine and Catwoman. And she's got the claws to prove it. But Tatiana's life has been far from easy. Following the devastating loss Tatiana suffered throughout the second world war, she disappeared from the world. Retreating to her solitude and her grie...

  • Death's Champion
    11 2 2

    Thorn Sirius Black is just trying to make it through his Hogwarts career without bringing any unnecessary attention to himself or his family's name. But with the Boy-Who-Lived attending Hogwarts at the same time, it doesn't seem as though he would be granted his wish. But never fear. Thorn can always count on his Godf...

  • (1) Metamorphosis (C. Kent)
    17.9K 1.2K 12

    Head Researcher of the Extraterrestrial and Unexplainable Division at LexCorp, Grace Jourdemayne receives an assignment to investigate the discovery of a Kryptonian scout ship in the Canadian Arctic. But she ends up getting more than she bargained for as her life is completely turned upside down. - Man of Steel/Clark...

  • Liquid Secrets - The Promise of 'Five Minutes'
    32 1 3

    (M for safety) (AU) ---- Stolen moments and secret promises were the only things they had. And for both, it had been enough. Like all moments however, they had to come to an end and Theta left Amaryllis with the same old promise as they parted. Though something happened during those 'five minutes', and Amaryllis was f...

  • Once Upon A Time (Prequel of The Savior Fables)
    6.5K 490 13

    Every good story starts with four wonderful words: "once upon a time . . . " In which a land without magic has magic of its own, and magic has a plan for two saviors who think themselves to be alone in the world. Prequel of The Savior Fables, a crossover between Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, and...

  • (1) The Moon Thief (D. Malfoy)
    10.6K 874 13

    Rome-Marie Lupin has spent her life being raised by her grandfather; Bobby Singer. But with her third year of Hogwarts swinging around, her mother's sudden reappearance in her life throws her for a loop, and that's not all. Family seems to be a big part of her third year with her professor revealed to be her father. ...

  • LOVER | Eddie Brock
    365K 13.7K 18

    "i like the way you proved me wrong, you make me believe in love." - in which eddie finds a new girl after his breakup with anne [venom] [eddie brock x oc] [book one of one]

  • (2) Lux Brumalis (R. Weasley)
    4.5K 377 9

    After spending a summer with her father in his workshop, Pixie must return to Hogwarts for her second year, with it comes more trials, more tests, more dangers and more turths. Join Pixie, Harry, Hermione, and Ron in their second year as they face the Chamber of Secrets.

  • The Devil You Know
    35 3 7

    A Tamers Series Prequel ---- Seth Tamers. That was his name. Nothing more, nothing less. But to an alien known as the Doctor, that name changed everything. For Seth wasn't just anyone. He was a human from the planet Earth, and he was about to turn the Doctor's life upside-down and inside-out.

  • Iridescent (E. Cullen)
    68.5K 3.3K 22

    Living on Asgard is supposed to be like living in paradise, but for Zenaida Swan, they are lonely golden halls. She misses her home of Forks, and she misses her father. Zenaida gets a call from Charlie that Bella has been in a car accident, she decides that it is time to go home.

  • The Soul-Fox Project
    26 2 2

    Just what is the 'Soul-Fox' project, you ask? Well, why don't you sit back, relax, and let me explain. All you need is a compatible console, an internet connection, and.... well, it would be a bit hard to play a game without the drive now, wouldn't it? Once you've downloaded the required files, just press 'Launch', an...