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  • My Secret Credibility
    5.1K 2.8K 55

    Sovereign Ladies Series #1: UNDER EDITING She doesn't desirous her secrecy to unite with anyone. She contain a credence, but her intellect was precisely dominated by ardent trepidation. She wondered if it would be appropriate for her to leave although she'll strangle them to displeasure ailment due to her facile dep...

    Completed   Mature
  • Afterlife (One Shot)
    31 18 1

    a one shot featuring Kim Taehyung and Yeh Shuhua [DISCLAIMER: mention of suicide and self harm is in this story.]

    Completed   Mature
  • Unveiling the Horror Within
    699 102 20

    This book contain various tips and minimal trivias which regards to the genre of Horror. The main purpose of this book was to provide guidelines and tips for the aspiring or professional writers to gain some knowledge on the track of Horror genre. Feel free to Unveil the Horrors Within.

  • Tangled Fate | Ruiz Cousins Series #1(Under Revision)
    1.8K 735 21

    "I loved you, Aldrick. Naiintindihan mo ba? I loved you!. Mag kaiba ang 'I love you' sa 'I loved you'. I don't want to be a slave of my feelings again. Not again." -Eustacia Allison Clymenia Start: August 30, 2020 Ended:

  • Beauty Is The New Beast (Part 1)
    4.2K 1.2K 37

    COMPLETED. "To survive in a world where beauty is everything, what would you be willing to risk?" A DYSTOPIAN NOVEL. In an alternate universe where beauty segregates its people, a girl was born into a Beau family, but is an Ugsie herself. Bellatrix Ophir lived a life of riches and fame, but poor on familial love. When...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shore Breaks
    256 112 21

    In a world of chaos, problems, heartaches and anxiety, all of us need peace. Monte Del Sol 1

  • We Can't See You
    2.8K 897 28

    Tito Series spin-off | When John Ceno goes missing, the remaining four members of his squad tries to investigate his mysterious disappearance by playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Will they see him?

  • Unwed Mother
    2K 107 2

    [ Available on GoodNovel and Novelah ] Nakakatakot sumugal sa pag-ibig sa mundong ito na mapaglaro. Ngunit naroon pa rin ang kagustuhan mong maranasan kung paano ang magmahal at kung paano mahalin. Paano kung isang beses ka ng napaglaruan ng tadhana, gugustuhin mo pa rin bang maranasan muli ang magmahal at mahalin? Su...

  • A Yellow Flower with A Red Tip #Mus-alomlynAward20
    18.7K 12.5K 38

    In a room full of lies, they thought running away from the past would hide their deceitful secret. *** Cindy Perez is a joyous person who loved her family dearly, especially her twin, Catherine. She never wanted to be a disobedient daughter nor the black sheep of their family. Until one unfaithful day, an incident ru...

  • Someday (Book 1)- Ongoing
    220 26 8

    What if the person you love suddenly doesn't love you anymore? What if someone came to your life and you're not yet ready to love again? What if you decided not to love someone anymore? What if someday... The person you loved for how many years suddenly showed up and begged you to comeback to his life? But the thing i...

  • Split Me
    32 5 2

    Split Me. Hi. I'm a newbie in writing ah. Please check out my story, thank you, hehe.👉👈

  • The Midnight Academy
    3.2K 566 41

    Fantasy || FIlipino Samantha Alexandrea Heartfire, a prodigy of Elemental Region, the strongest region, decides to join a mission. They knew it was only a matter of time to prevent the heating war. Alam nilang kailangan nilang manmanan ang bawat ekwelahan na siyang pinaggagalingan ng ipinagbabawal na mahika. But more...

    30 4 2

    UNINFECTED || Thriller | Scie-fi | Romance Filipino It was the end of the world. Human-eating monsters roam around freely. Chaos are all over big cities and there is no cure. Hershel Gayle Primo, a 19-year old who lives with her adopted family had a normal and healthy life. But now that the virus outbreak took over t...

  • Valerien Academy: The Long Lost Heiress (ON GOING)
    651 155 42

    Isang paaralang pinagmulan ng galit at alitan.... Alitan ng mga taong namuhay sa nakaraan... Kaya kayang matuldokan ng nawawalang tagapagmana? Maligayang pagdating sa "Valerien Academy"

    68.3K 4K 31

    They are two different souls that should never cross. And yet, fate brought them together. Once. Twice. Until she found herself desiring this man impossible to be with, not just because of his status but because he is a complete depiction of a machine. Captain Jrex Andromida. Can be unseen like the wind. Untouched as...

    Completed   Mature
  • Immortal Heart
    258 52 12

    Raine woke up in unfamiliar dark room, with a guy who claims to be the one who saved her life. The man was a vampire that sired her, to bring her back and to be his lover. She no longer remember the memories of her past, and who she is. Hunter found her dead body, and sired her to become an immortal. Now she was bo...

  • The Falling Game (EndMira: Ice)
    35.5M 724K 40

    Timi is used to having all the boys wrapped around her little fingers. Sanay na sanay na siyang nakukuha ang atensyon ng mga 'to. After all, she's both beauty and brains . But then she meet, Ice--the transfer student and the new vocalist of their school band, Endless Miracle. Talaga nga namang masyado nitong pinanindi...

  • Class 3-C Has A Secret | completed
    17.8M 319K 59

    WELCOME TO HELL. --- Date started: January 29, 2012 Date finished: November 21, 2012 (PUBLISHED UNDER VIVA • AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE)

  • Boyfriend Corp.
    35.2M 768K 56

    Naghahanap ka ba ng perfect boyfriend? Paano kung sabihin ko sa'yong meron at pwede mo siyang rentahan sa loob ng tatlong buwan? BOYFRIEND CORP Choose from the list and he'll be yours. Pay the price and get the service you will never forget. Contact us: 09-BOYFRIEND. Boyfriend Corp 1 (divided into two parts) is now p...

  • My Ex-boyfriend and I (New version: Lie About Love)
    9.7M 129K 29

    New story version: "Lie About Love" (Available on my Wattpad profile too)

  • 10 Signatures to bargain with God.
    1.6M 17K 9 Story: A very dramatic story that will show you how to live when you're dying. (not available - editing)

  • 11 Ways to Forget your Ex-boyfriend.
    8.1M 126K 18 (SEQUEL INSIDE) Story: Moving on can't be done alone and Sena just found help from a mysterious sender. But who is it that gives her ways to forget her ex?

    79M 1.5M 62

    "Drake Palma, humanda ka! I'm going to get you by hook or by crook!" Ito si Alys Perez, may pagka-loner, maingay, madalas bagsak ang grades sa klase, bigo sa pag-ibig, at may malaki siyang problema. Kasi naman, pumayag siyang gawin ang isang bagay na wala talaga siyang kahit anong experience. Ano ba naman ang alam niy...

  • That Mighty Bond
    15M 242K 49

  • Never Been Your Fangirl- PUBLISHED
    10.3M 237K 86

    Just when you thought fanfics can't be published. Published under Pop Fiction. Former EXO University.

  • Black Butterfly
    21.5M 90.5K 14

    Available on GoodNovel App "Just like in highschool, if you have the rooftop, it means that it is your territory and there would be no one to stop your ascension...but, standing at the top gives bittersweet feelings too in between your glory and your sorry." --- Black Butterfly (Bella Echizen Smith)

  • The Abby Diaries
    1.5M 6.2K 13

    Abby and Asher come from a family of witches. When they learn that Brooklyn is a witch as well, the three become fast friends. But Brooklyn wants more than the life she has now. She wants power, popularity and love...and she's willing to do anything to get it. "The Abby Diaries" is written from the perspective of Abby...

  • Hey Mr. Kidnapper
    6.4M 87.8K 20

  • STOP! In the name of LOVE! AMEN!
    6.1M 69.5K 50

    (MY FACEBOOK BOYFRIEND SEQUEL) ang magulong buhay nuon..mas paguguluhin ngayon ng mga bago at lumang mukha ng istorya!

  • Teen Clash (Boys vs. Girls)
    174M 3.7M 76

    Sa Kingdom High kung saan magkakaaway ang mga lalaki at babae, posible bang may mabuong relasyon at pagkakaibigan? (Completed. Published under Pop Fiction.)