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  • Find Us (Victuri)✔
    16.1K 681 9

    For Five years, Katsuki Yuuri had mysteriously vanished. Many question if he was even alive after the search for the famous omega. The police has given up but Viktor Nikiforov and his friends refuse to believe such a thing. As his mate, Viktor decides to search for Yuuri with some help from the skaters. Will he find Y...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha in the Park
    25.8K 979 22

    Eren Yeager and Levi Ackerman where best friends when they where children, but when Eren's mother dies, the two are seperated. What happens when the two are reunited 15 years later? Co-op with RushTheCrow on FF.Net.

    Completed   Mature
  • It's Not A Parasite
    215K 9.2K 15

    Barely a day before his departure to Hogwarts for his first year, Harry decides that he wants to take a walk. His situation at the Dursley's had become dire, and Harry knew that any longer in their presence and his eleven-year-old body would start to deteriorate at an even faster pace than it already was. Eventually...

    Completed   Mature
  • Prove You Have A Heart
    332K 10.8K 36

    With Voldemort defeated and Harry turning seventeen, the elder Weasley boys decide to give him a chance to be a normal teenager for a while; namely, by buying him a ticket to Malibu, California. But of course, Harry Potter can never do anything normally. Especially not once he meets Tony Stark in a club, and begins a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loki's Mate
    245K 4.9K 23

    Pandora Lillian Stark, she is the daughter of Sirius Black and Isabelle Evans along with the adopted daughter of Tony Stark. She has been missing for 16 years, How did she become Stark's daughter? Would the dark lord find out about her? (HPxAvengers Crossover)

  • Stark's Witch
    410K 10.2K 26

    Harriet (Harry) Potter is the daughter of Lily Potter and Tony Stark. After her first year at Hogwarts she comes home to a surprise. Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and cousin Dudley take her to New York. They take her to her father, the man she thought was James Evans. What happens when she meets him? (I am swapping Lil...

  • The Nephew of Bruce banner (On Hiatus)
    192K 3.8K 23

    What if Bruce Banner was really Bruce Potter? Sirius is alive set during half blood prince I don't own anything but the plot

  • God Raised
    420K 11.8K 19

    Harry Potter is discovered on the doorstep of the Dursleys by none other than Loki. Loki, sensing his power, takes him to raise as his own. What happens next? Read to find out! Highest Rankings: #1 in #gods #12 in #hogwarts

  • Charm Academy School of Magic
    61.8M 1.7M 40

    She is Ariela Davis, an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. Pero dahil sa isang insidente kinailangan niyang lumipat sa bagong school sa gitna ng kanyang Senior year. Sa isang MAGIC SCHOOL kung saan dating nagtuturo ang kanyang Lola. This story is about magic, adventure, fantasy and romance. Welcome to CHARM ACADEMY:...

  • Kyuuketsuki
    2.3K 135 4

    Tsuna has become the tenth Vongola boss and now lives in the mansion with his faithful guardians. Getting used to being a boss was difficult, but suddenly things seem to take a much worse turn. When captured and changed into a new vampire Tsuna faces the fear of the safety of his family, hating the monster he has beco...

  • Angel's Last Song [D. Gray- Man Fanfiction]
    65.9K 2.3K 32

    Allen's innocence has started draining his energy thus he has to eat more than his usual to keep up, but he knows his own body more than anyone else. His life won't last long no matter how much he eats. It's an inevitable faith for the parasitic-type innocence wielders. Will he be able to stay alive until the downfall...

  • Insane? Says who?
    7.8K 368 3

    Insanity is all a matter of perspective. After all, a crazy person never thinks they're crazy.

  • The Fragile Mask:On Hold
    64.6K 1.7K 24

    One day a boy,named Tsunayoshi was happy and he was loved by everyone in town,then the next he was bullied and doesn't know why.Then his parents and younger brother started to abused him too.Everyone thought he was dame but in truth it was all a mask.He was really smart and was the 2nd best hit man and best hacker in...

  • Save me please
    721K 24.1K 14

    Naruto fought to bring sasuke back, a badly injured Naruto drags sasuke's unconscious body back to Konoha. He wasn't expecting a warm welcome but he wasn't expecting things to go bad either. It wasn't going any better in fact it took a turn for the worst. Would people realise their mistakes before something happens t...

  • KHR: I Love You Always
    4.4K 155 3

    Giotto had never met such a wonderful person all his life, he was like a saint, so kind and so helpful, always smiling and always caring. He was the one to take care of him and G when they were outside the orphanage. He was the one to inspire him to always help others, he was the one he always looked up to. But, the a...

  • The Invisible Red Strings That Binds Us [DGM] Yullen
    3.8K 116 5

    Allen Walker was been used as a kissing test subject of Kanda and that broke Allen's heart because he thought Kanda has feelings for him as well when he had kissed him but he was wrong or is it? After the incident a new exorcist arrived at the Order and she knew who Allen is. Will this girl take Allen's heart or will...

  • To that Blue Sky
    1.7K 106 2

    AU. "When Iemitsu first laid his eyes upon his three sons, he immediately knew that they were all special."

  • Burden [Katekyo Hitman Reborn]
    33.3K 1.2K 4

    : (Slight or not. I don't know) AU Fic. Ever since Giotto; Tsuna's eldest brother, was chosen as as the new CEDEF boss and Tsuna's youngest brother Tsubasa was chosen as the Vongola Decimo, their bonds started to disappear. Tsuna wanted to be close again with his brothers until one night, Tsuna learned something he do...

  • Sky Chara
    23.8K 1K 11

    " ......... ehhh where am i ? ....... Hiiiiiiiiiii ! it's somehow tight ! egg shaped container ? ...... i have ..... a very bad feeling about this ... " i don't own the anime or the cover of course :p and please R&R ? :<.......

  • To Italy!
    167K 5.1K 25

    Our young Decimo and his friends are going to visit Italy for some unfortunate plans that Reborn has set up. But of course, they have some guests that are invited together with them, to make things more interesting. Reborn, being the sadist tortu-tutor he is, organized the trip for his own entertainment and amusement...

  • Twin Pair Of Lovers (1827 & AG ) (Hiatus)
    13.7K 486 18

    1st time makin a story and its about tsunaxkyoya and giottoxalaude i dont know who wants this story and it has a twist so enjoy reading And i just remember. I post rarely. So if you want to read this even then I congratulate and salud you

  • Tsuna's Dilemma
    264K 10.3K 41

    A story about Tsuna. After releasing the arcobaleno from their curse and became the Tenth Vongola, his life gets more chaotic as paperworks start to haunt him day and night. Not only that, many things had happened to him making him tired. What will happen when Tsuna fell unconscious in front of people? Let's see the g...

  • Get back in time
    128K 4.3K 13

    Summary: Tsuna who currently enjoys his stress-free life only one day everything change when a familiar purple bazooka drop on him, only to find him travel to different timeline. p/s: this is from a request that Evyllia to make a story. Thank you for readings. First generation included.

  • What now?
    280K 10.5K 44

    Tsuna is sent to a parallel world where he isn't the Decimo. Apparently he is hated by his family because of his horrible crimes, so he gets the blame for all their problems. He has a twin and younger brother now so his life is pretty much a train wreck now. He has to hide his secret and pretend to be Dame. He hates...

  • The wrong twin. (Hitman reborn fic) R27
    58.7K 2K 7

    Adult Reborn is sent to train the tenth generation boss of the most influential mafia family there is, the Vongola. The boss's name? Sawada Hiroyoshi. The more athletic, smart, and overall better twin of Sawada Tsunayoshi. But what will Reborn find out when he arrives at the Sawada household? Did Iemitsu choose the r...