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  • Calling Her Bluff
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    She didn't like to socialise. Friends were a waste of time, and they were always so dramatic. He lived to help people. It was his passion, being a motivational person and to help people with obstacles in their lives was something he was good at. So here we have the Social Butterfly and the Highschool Recluse. And to e...

  • One Direction Writing Contest
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    Do you love One Direction? Do you like to write? You're in the right place! Join the One Direction writing contest where each week you will be given a challenge, a short story or imagine to write, and each week one person is eliminated until the winner is revealed! The prize? A shoutout in a message to my followe...

  • The Unexpected |SLOW UPDATES|
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    Lucinda Winters is an orphan living with her aunt and her family. She is mistreated and she dreams of leaving the hopuse as soon as she's done with her high school. WHen her aunt's husband, famous movie writer brings one of his friend's sons to live with them, things become steamy between them both. Follow them on the...