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  • Free S/MB
    342 19 38

    I can feel again

    12 2 2

    lmao just rants & personal stuff i guess

  • Starlight S/MB
    80 14 18

    basically gonna just have a Muse song of the day cause they're fucking amazing

  • VALIDATE ME - random/rant book
    3.9K 266 291

    Hewwooo This is just a book filled with random crap, the occasional rant, maybe a drawing or two, and all that. I'm surprised at how much attention it gets, considering its trashy, but I guess people like trash. Anyway, have fun with this waste of time~ (highest rank(s): #8 in 'imbored', #6 in 'ineedalife') (jesus chr...

  • A Misleading Compliment S/MB 2
    3.4K 457 180

    First official S/MB! (tf does that even mean xD) Let's have fun friends!