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  • Privacy (CB Love Story)
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    Hi, I'm Tyelle. I'm 20 and a model for Kylie Jenner, I have a sister named Lazar, we both were adopted by our mother Niyelle and her husband Lazarus. Make sense now right? Let's just say I encounter something that I'd never thought I would.. read to find out.😎

  • Adopted By Chris Brown
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    My name is jaylen im 15 and my lil sister is 5 i was 10 when we where brought in to foster care my sister was just a baby a couple mouths we moved around alot but i never let them seperate us they tried but i would never let them then one day we got adopted and lets just say our lives changed forever

  • Adopted By The Coly's
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  • New life
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    Julani Rain Jones Has been in and out of foster homes..along with her(son)Jonvier ....julani is only 17 and Jonvier is 8...they get adopted by lucas coly and his wife Natalia Coly..........

  • Reason Why I Smile [Dannielle Bregoli&Jasmine Centina Story-]
    8.1K 183 12

    This story is about how Jasmine meets Dannielle and hit it off....but not in that way .one day Jass ex Thalia came back to town after 4 years .Jass is trying to figure out why.....Read to find out This is not a different story from "Adopted by Dannielle Bregoli and jasmine Centina" its not just changed the title and...

  • adopted by trey songz
    30.5K 683 34

    this is a story about a 17 year old girl named chantelle who has been moved from foster home to foster home. until one day april tucker come to adopt a Granddaughter for her son trey songs because she think's that he need someone in his life to take care of. Question is chantelle ready for all of this in her life. sh...

  • My Thug Love (Lucas Coly)
    21.5K 650 20

    Amber has been bullied for the majority of her life and doesn't have many friends. Amber never knew her parents she just knows that her parents didn't want her and gave her up for adoption as just a infant. Amber has been single for a while and after many break ups by being cheated on, played, taken for a joke, played...

  • Adopted By Chris Brown *Complete*
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    Paige a lonely orphan who Found YouTube and it changed Her life. Chris brown, he lives with his 15 year old son but want to adopt a girl. I think the title tell it all.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Thugs Love
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    Amari is 16 years old both her parents died when she was 12 in a car wreck she was in a foster home for 2 years when she was adopted by her uncle and his son.....she was abused and raped by her uncle and cousin and other men who payed her uncle to "touch" her and women sometimes. what happens when she runs away and is...

  • Adopted by Lucas Coley (completed)
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    Read to find out

  • Adopted by Lucas Coly and Amber H 😚😁
    4.6K 123 8

    a girl who is bullied by these other girls in the orphanage and also the owner already to find out how she makes it through

  • Adopted by Lucas coly (editing)
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    Read and see

  • Adopted by Lucas coly
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    Read this blasted book

  • Adopted by Lucas Coly
    20.9K 602 20

    Khalil is only 1 years old in an abusive home with two mean parents. Although she's only 1, she is very smart and is a fast learner. One day she gets touched by her dad she knows right from wrong but will she do? She runs away and meets the dopest Drug lord of them all. LUCAS...COLY...

  • Little One (Ayo And Teo Story) *completed*
    51K 2.1K 43

    Diamond was put up for adoption at birth because her mother couldn't afford toto take care of her. But her mother became wealthy so maybe she'll come back for her.

  • bhadbhabie
    29.8K 512 19

    It's about Danielle bregoli and Ayo and teo

  • Little Sister Ayo & Teo story *COMPLETED*
    76.1K 1.8K 25

    Stephenie has two brothers Ayo & Teo. Sometimes they treat her like trash. But they make her laugh. But it can get complicated between siblings. Most of the time Ayo & Teo treat her like she not they sister & since Stephanie is bad & talks back to them she gets whooped by Ayo. Later on she finds out that Teo & her ar...

  • living the life with love
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    about two twins who get adopted by shamteo and his family but they hate there shamteo gf

  • adopted by Tyga
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    read it please

  • Karma (a shmateo story)
    3.2K 167 6

    wassup I y'all, I'm Adrienne Rodriguez and I'm 17 years old. I go to Ypsilanti High along with my adopted sister Niah Rodriguez. I get bullied be this dude named Mateo Bowels and hid older brother Ayleo . I kinda have a big crush on Mateo but that bitch he's dating Jade says otherwise. Me and my sister have been study...

  • Adopted and abused
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    Teo stop your hurting me.He kept going faster and faster.I just kept counting in my head:1...2...3... Teo:you should've gone back to the orphanage where you came from. This moment I knew I was getting raped by Teo.My brother.I felt used.and hurt.

  • Thug Love(Book1)
    137K 3.2K 20

    ❤India and Kamari❤ will they last? ❤Book 2 Coming Soon❤

  • adopted; mateo bowles
    16.1K 578 6

    Aaliyah is 16 years old. She has been in foster care since she was 8 years old. She gets adopted at 16 and everything changes.

  • My Bully ~Mateo love story~
    22.7K 741 31

    zoey goes to school with her bestfriend donnia there bullyed by these 4 boys which are mateo,ayo,zay,and imprint they all go to the same school. zoey has feelings for mateo and is afraid to show it cause the bullying might get worst. but read to find out

  • Adopted by Ayo And Teo
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    Read to find out

  • Adopted by ayo and teo
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    A girl name jaden gets abused by her mother but her whole life turns around

  • Adopted (Ayo and Teo)||COMPLETED||
    149K 7.7K 90

    The title speaks for itself.. Wattpad got me aggravated because it's not showing Ayo in the picture but oh well. Enjoy..

    Completed   Mature
  • Behind The Scenes (Completed)
    36.2K 1.4K 42

    Our nature is lying. We were born to sin. Yet your one of my biggest sins I will not regret. We built a relationship on lost hope, lies, and hurt. We expect not to fall deep or even fall. Yet we did and the truth reveled layer by layer leaving us exposed. (Completed) _____________________ All rights reserved Copyr...

    Completed   Mature