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  • Stop. Just Stop.
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    This is just me ranting about the annoying sh*t i see/read on Wattpad. And, sometimes, just random stuff that piss me off. ©All Rights Reserved 2014 #1 in ranting #5 in random #17 in teen fiction

  • Birdie
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    You could say that Carmen and Chance are... 'pen pals.' Emphasis on the PEN

  • His Baby {completed}
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    {EDITING IN PROGRESS} She left me when I was locked away, taking my heart and something else I didn't know about along with her.....I am out now and I plan to have her again. Whether she likes it or not... Story Cover done by: ojclarke **ATTENTION! A brief but serious disclaimer*** This is a MATURE story. Meaning t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. Superficial (BWWM)
    1M 41K 54

    'Hello my precious Paisley,' I greet maliciously. She looks startled and quickly averts her eyes to the ground. 'Oh sweetheart, are you seriously gonna eat that? Look at yourself. You're big enough,' I say, referring to her weight. Paise frowns at the ground before throwing her muffin into a nearby trashcan. I see...

  • Psychopath. (bwwm) ✓
    4M 167K 41

    "Write down one word that describes you." psy·cho·path noun noun: psychopath; plural noun: psychopaths a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. ⌄⌃⌄⌃⌄⌃⌄ "I'm psychopathic..." Oliver muttered as he glared at me suspiciously and condescendingly. He was waiting for me to ru...

  • Forbidden Love
    2.9M 127K 68

    A lot can happen in five months, but no one could have expected this. Cold, distant and sometimes shallow, Reign never thought she'd ever find a guy to meet her very high standards or her equally high Prada pumps. Per usual, life comes and knocks her right on her ass bringing with it the passionate, arrogant boxer To...

  • Complication
    6.5K 507 54

    Gina Ortz now is showing in the A Circuit and training other people's horses. Not only that, but she's also riding for one of the most famous trainers in the world. But will the stress of the top-level show circuit be her downfall? And does it ruin more than one relationship?

  • The Client (18+ Only)
    25.1M 194K 7

    [SAMPLE] Reed frowned, his eyes filled with confusion when he saw that Lena seemed to be fine. "I heard a scream," he announced stiffly, standing awkwardly over Lena's bed. Beneath the sheets, Lena was torn between renewed arousal and slight mortification. Embarrassment won. "Everything's fine," she muttered, trying t...

  • Dried and Dying Roses (BWWM)
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    He reminded her of a tiger- no a lion- always ready to pounce, never thinking once about their prey. Once upon a time, she was that prey. He hated her. He stalked her. He wanted her. She wanted him. They wanted each other. She was the gazelle, the wounded zebra the herd left behind. In other words, there was no way...

    Completed   Mature
  • Zara's Wolf (Book 1 of the Zara's Wolf Trilogy) BWWM
    3.1M 148K 39

    [Complete] "He follows me around like a predator seeking a moment of weakness before he takes down his prey. But his eyes are soft and tell me a different story." Eighteen-year-old Zara is a born and raised African-American city girl. She's always seen the mountains in the distance, but never once set foot in them--u...

    6.9M 171K 41

    Finding evidence of her dead brother's whereabouts, Katherine Donovan believes that he is still alive. In pursuit to find her brother and restore her family's remaining happiness, she encounters the infamous and godforsakenly alluring Russian bastard Vitaly Alecovich Rostov and gets ensnared in his plan of capturing...

  • The Pierce Brothers
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  • Lupus Deus (Published on Amazon)
    12.9M 255K 25

    In a world of monsters and gods, the Lupus Deus is the one being no one wants among them, especially not the gods that wronged him. Vivian Grey is as average as any werewolf comes, or at least that's what she believes growing up until she is confronted with the fact that her mate is the monster she heard stories about...

  • {Briar Brook Stable: Rebuilding} (Book 1) ON HOLD
    1.2K 95 8

    Samantha Grimes has everything an equestrian could ever dream of. She has 3 of her very own horses who are purebred imports. She shows on the A and AA circuits with her own, and others horses, and she has enough money already to live out the rest of her life with no other job. But at a show, she's offered a life-chang...

  • PREVIEW ONLY: HTWF (Falling Warriors Book One) **Being Published**
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    ****THIS BOOK IS BEING PUBLISHED on JULY 18TH. As such, this book is only 3 pages as a preview. You can buy the published version with the links below.**** Links for preorders: Amazon: Barens&Noble: iTunes: SYNOPSIS: Xaviers eyes flashed furiousl...

  • My Monster Mate
    8.1M 282K 39

    Arabella Pines is the sweetest person anybody will ever meet. She is selfless and is all ways thinking about others. She is not only rich in kindness, but in beauty. And just like other she-wolves in her pack, Arabella cannot wait to meet her mate. She has wished upon every star, and has prayed to the Moon Goddess to...