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  • Voice Beneath The Flames
    107K 4.8K 38

    [Aenriah Girls #1] [COMPLETE] When Ariana asked God to take her away from a dangerous situation, Athanasia seemed to listen to her request. Ariana and Athanasia have similar lives: they are both orphans of the same age, leading lonely lives. The only difference between them is that Athanasia or also known as Asia, is...

  • Samsara of the Divine Punishment
    3.3K 253 39

    [Aenriah Girls #2] Rana torment people who are weaker than her. She believes if you push someone to their core limit, they will learn how to fight back. That's her own reason to validate her bullying behavior. But then everything turn up and down when she experience being tormented by strong and aggressive individual...

  • The Fallen Queen's Gambit
    205 9 4

    [Aenriah Girls #3] Tabra is a trained killer. She can still clearly remember what first weapon she uses when she did her first kill. She was born in a merciless world where death can only be cheated if you know how to kill your opponent first. Tabra knows she has no academic skills she can proudly tell, but she's cert...