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  • Confessions About Colton
    7.4M 390K 50

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Seven letters, seven confessions, seven clues. Elliot Parker has what he needs to find out who killed his best friend... But is he hunting down the killer? Or is the killer hunting him? ***** When Colton Crest returns, unhar...

  • Espresso Love (A Dystopian Japan Novel) #Wattys2014
    1.2M 22.2K 99

    In Tokyo, where the System siphons thought, emotions & memories, a literature student meets a strange psychic girl and they embark on an escape from mindless agents, dream worlds and reality itself, in a soul-searching journey for love, for identity and what it means to be human. But all that remains is a peculiar cof...

  • Harbinger's Child (A Literary Space Sci-fi) #Wattys2016
    8.9K 331 10

    After decades of struggling, the broken remnants of humanity barely escape on the last starship from a cataclysmic otherworldly threat and wanders in the darkness of space for blind hope and a desolate future. They eventually find themselves on a journey and a fight for ancient wisdom, long forgotten civilizations an...

  • Frankenstein (1818)
    278K 6.8K 28

    "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus" is about an eccentric scientist Victor Frankenstein, who creates a grotesque creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment.

  • raxeira [on hold]
    1.3K 260 18

    she waned and waxed like light filtering through a window, chained to nothing but a fate of drifting. he, boy of tragedy and curses, could only grasp for her warmth. he floated on the waves of fate -- still no home in sight. she the goddess and he the loathed; what a beautiful calamity that made.

  • King of the Woods, or Trivial Pursuit
    91K 7.5K 61

    Florida Forest Service duty officer Ray Lumley is in love with a white fringetree. Not an I-read-Walden-in-high-school love; a sweaty, sappy, I-want-to-rub-against-you-'til-I-get-splinters love. It's awkward. So, he's relieved to learn that he's really hot for Trivia, the dreadlocked, radical environmentalist nymph wh...

  • A Year of Stories (Collection Two)
    7.8K 764 50

    The goal: A new short story, every weekday, for a year. That's about 260 stories, for anyone keeping count. This is Volume 2, covering March and April stories. You can find the first part of the collection here: Inside, you'll find a mix of Fantasy, Literary...

  • If Love Is Blind
    712 65 9

    ❝ If love is blind then he won't mind if you feel the writing of braille on my heart, for what you feel is far more important than what is visible to the eye. ❞ *** Claret does not know what love is. Her parents are only names, family is just a concept, as is the word love. She understood prejudice, because she had...

  • Short Story Collection
    5K 214 11

    This is just a compilation of short stories I have written per someone's request or dreamt up and jotted down in less than an hour. I'll keep updating this collection as I write more. At some point, when there are enough of these stories, I'll bundle them into a paperback and publish it. WARNING: THIS IS AN UNEDITED V...

  • A Peculiar String of Bizarre Dreams
    1.4K 134 47

    A small-town girl wakes up one day to discover that she possesses peculiar abilities. This story is about Jemma, who dreams a few bizarre dreams and along the way meets many endearing beings, reminiscent to the townspeople of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls and creatures from Alice's Wonderland. But maybe, just maybe...

  • Of Forests & Clocks & Dreams (A Literary & Art Collection)
    24.5K 787 14

    [Literary, Short Story, Poems, Art, Philosophy] (In Editing) Strange conversations, ringing phones, umbrellas, talking birds, a girl with a top hat, grandfather clocks, transfigured stones, a missing archaeologist, bowls of rice, a man with twelve toes, and more. His published collection unveils dazzling surreal visio...