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  • Until Death Do Us Part {KHR}
    181K 7.5K 51

    In a world where summons and humans make contracts with one another, not many humans had the gift. The gift was the ability to make pacts with summons and travel through to their plane. Currently, in the year 20XX only around 100,000 people had the gift which was less than one-twentieth of the world's population. With...

  • Shogi [KHR & KNB Crossover]
    143K 5.4K 38

    Tsuna transferred to Rakuzan. There, he met Akashi Seijuuro... Two unlikely friends that met through a game of Shogi/Chess. Who settles every decision making with Shogi/Chess. Join these two heirs to big companies on their wild ride through friendship and problems from the student Council! A crossover between KHR and...

  • siLent - Katekyo Hitman Reborn [COMPLETED]
    7.5K 406 2

    "Once upon a time, a lonely boy wished..." - Tsuna is kind. Even he knows that much. Maybe that's why he is able to find it in himself to continue fighting on for his precious people-- even with a heart as jaded as his. Even if they never listen. Even when Tsuna knows that they will eventually ruin him. But even the k...

  • Omegaverse-KHR
    42.3K 1.1K 11

    Omega tsuna! X alpha reborn! KHR did not belong to me it belong to it rightful owner.

  • The Artist And The Wolf [SLOW UPDATE]
    5.1K 240 7

    Sawada Tsunayoshi, a famous artist in Japan who won plenty of awards and all of his fans loved him, for his handsome look and his golden heart. Hibari Kyoya, an alpha who got abandoned by his own owner. Ever since then he however trusted anyone until...

  • The Sky Envelopes All
    1.4K 73 1

    Tsuna was a smart and intelligent child since he was young.It made the people around him adore him and also hate him.Because of this,he was always alone.This went on until recently and due to his lack of friends,he rarely talks.While pondering about what should he do in the future,he passed by a mysterious cafe which...

  • Miracle Twin of Vongola
    149K 6.2K 32

    On early morning on 14 October, where the sun didn't even show its shine yet, a two baby boy was born. the older one was loved by all while the younger one, with his existence denied by his own parent. can the two distant twin be close again like how before they were born? and why both of them have somewhat incomplete...

  • A School Trip To Italy(KHR Fanfic) #Wattys2015
    89.1K 2.3K 12

    Class 3-A is going to Italy for a school trip at the first day of class. What must be the Vongola planning for the poor students and the Decimo? Find out by reading every chapters of this book.

  • Triplet of Vongola [KHR]
    49.9K 2.3K 34

    Sawada Tsunayoshi the older brother of Sawada Tsukuyoshi and Sawada Tsukiyoshi. They are triplets. Sawada Tsunayoshi AKA Dame-Tsuna was a smart boy. But he use a dame mask without his little brother and sister knew it. Sawada Tsukuyoshi AKA Prince Tsuku. The prince of the Namimori Middle or Nami-Chuu. He is good at a...

  • Here Comes the Mafia
    1.3K 73 1

    Assassination attempts increased in numbers after the affair that happened involving the Vongola Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi and his guardians. Of course the Vongola Family will not remain silent regarding this. "HIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

  • Rooftop Rendezvous
    3.8K 172 1

    When Hibari told Tsuna to meet him on the rooftop, the brunet was prepared to be bitten to death. After an unexpected turn of events, Tsuna was left in tears. How could he deny it? One shot and completed.

  • [KHR Fanfic] Beyond the Soul
    21.5K 1K 9

    That man who wore a mask told them that there was only two left in the world. He told them that the two of them were the ones who created the Tri-Ni-Sette. However, wasn't it weird that the Tri-Ni-Sette was a trinity? There were only two. Only two people to guard the precious items of the world. Why was it so unbalan...

  • Gentle Showers
    2K 94 1

    Valentine's 1827 please enjoy the fluff- *drowns in fluffy flowers in the background*

  • R27(katekyo hitman reborn)
    53.9K 1.5K 14

  • KHR: class 3-A (Hiatus)
    177K 5.7K 84

    A/N: ok everyone, this is my first time making an anime fanfic but I have read some of the stories that are KHR from people or authors here at wattpad. Though, I am not too sure if there will be any grammar mistakes... Summary: as we all know that tsunayoshi sawada is a dame-tsuna, (including his classmates knowing t...

  • To Italy! Trip of Class 2A
    69.5K 2.2K 17

    Everything is at peace now, Vongola and Simon are now back to being friends and allies, the Curse of the Arcobaleno is already broken and they are now aging normally. Just as Tsuna is having a 'normal' life, Reborn, disguised as Boreen-sensei, decided to mess with Tsuna more: by having a trip to Italy; home of the maf...

  • Music Keeps Us Sane KHR fic
    6K 393 5

    Tsuna was the younger twin of Hikaru, and yet when they were little, Hikaru would look up to Tsuna as if he was his older brother. One thing they were constantly caught doing was listening to music together. Their bond was unbreakable, or so it seemed. One day, the twins found their mother after she had destroyed the...

  • Silent Shadow
    2K 84 1

    Hibari is a devil who fell in love with a human. Tsunayoshi captured his soul and Hibari vowed to protect the boy even at the expense of his life. What devils don't know about love, Hibari experienced it when he was about to die. He never knew being loved felt so warm. Can love bring the dead back to life? One shot an...

  • Night Terror
    4.4K 300 6

    After the battles and the challenges they have faced, everything went back to normal... or so they think... What if one day they discover that their sky's suddenly having a mental breakdown? What if they found out that if he doesn't go back to his normal self he could die? What if they found out that... this is all co...

  • Cursed Seven
    43.9K 1.8K 32

    Sawada Ienari was taken to Italy by Iemitsu since birth. Since then, 5 years have passed. A boss must be able to care for his Family, and Reborn thought it was a good idea for Ienari to return to Japan. Reborn then discovered Tsuna and his friends and not what they seem to be. And Tsuna and Kyouya's relationship? What...

  • Senior Summer Field Trip (KHR)
    42.7K 1.4K 11

    Tsuna is in class and he trying not to fall asleep. Then Reborn came to his class and say then Class 3-B is going to ITALY ... His last summer is ruined and he has his all class on neck. Then everything is even worse when the enemy family attacks them. But there is love too. So is this summer good or bad ?Follow Tsunu...

  • Kyuuketsuki
    2.3K 135 4

    Tsuna has become the tenth Vongola boss and now lives in the mansion with his faithful guardians. Getting used to being a boss was difficult, but suddenly things seem to take a much worse turn. When captured and changed into a new vampire Tsuna faces the fear of the safety of his family, hating the monster he has beco...

  • Is this love?
    300 6 1

    This story is about Yami, Yugi, Hibari and Tsuna, something terrible happens to Yugi so he rings Yami for help, Hibari is looking for Tsuna who has been kidnapped? And will do anything to find him

  • The Sky's Nightmare
    15.3K 745 22

    Our cute,precious and little Brunette is not so little any more .He's already accepted the Decimo position and have been working for years.A continuation of the future ark with the real future vongola's,even if people say his life is a living hell,but for him,surrounded by his family and friends are the best thing eve...

  • A Grieving Sky
    20.1K 787 7

    In which Nana is no civilian and no one from the Mafia-not even the Ninth-knows of the existence of one Sawada Tsunayoshi. Let alone his connection to the first Vongola Boss. But without Nono's Seal locking the boy's flames safely away, things take a drastic turn for the worse. Thirteen year old Tsuna, haunted by a pa...

  • Lullaby
    1.6K 50 5

    Tsuna is raped and this leads to him and reborn to get closer they are both in love with each other but they both think the other is better off. Fallow this story and watch as they fall more and more in love and eventually come to the conclusion that maybe they were wrong and they were better together. AdultR27, Yaoi...

  • Unknown [KHR]
    148K 5.8K 58

    Sawada Ieyasu and Sawada Tsunayoshi. The Sawada's Twins. Ie is very smart, he know almost all about his brother, Tsuna. But Ie decide not to tell anyone about Tsuna's secret. Ie is good at every subject. On the other hand Tsuna known as 'Dame-Tsuna' cause he is No-Good at every subject. But actually he is smart. *** I...

  • Salvation in my Violin (KHR fanfic)
    102K 5.8K 66

    Having brain cancer and a forgotten ambition, Sawada Tsunayoshi's last wish is to support his older brother with the time he has left. Just a shadow, but it seems life has other plans. '...' thoughts "..." talking Ok, anyone who is waiting to read this, DON'T. At least not now, please! I read it over and boy was my wr...

  • The Fragile Mask:On Hold
    64.6K 1.7K 24

    One day a boy,named Tsunayoshi was happy and he was loved by everyone in town,then the next he was bullied and doesn't know why.Then his parents and younger brother started to abused him too.Everyone thought he was dame but in truth it was all a mask.He was really smart and was the 2nd best hit man and best hacker in...