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  • We're Going Home
    147K 6.4K 31

    Hey, This can't be real. But what is real? I don't know... the white walls of this hospital seem realer than the vibrant worlds I've visited... inside a flying lion. That does look a lot dumber in writing. Good, I'm glad I'm insane, it's so much more convenient to be insane than to be stressed about my team not...

    Completed   Mature
  • Someday And Forever 》 Klance
    104K 7.7K 49

    Keith and Lance were inseparable as little kids. Vowed to be together forever. But what happens when Keith is taken into foster care? Would they ever see each other again?

  • Klance One Shots
    723K 13.1K 48

    Keith/Lance - Voltron: Legendary Defender. I love them, so, of course, I would write one-shots about them. They are amazing. It will be mostly fluff, and there is some smut in there too 7u7 Just a happy present from me to you. ❤️💙 Peace, Love, Blue Food, Dayzee

    Completed   Mature