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  • Echo ➳ Once Upon A Time
    5.1M 147K 77

    Loneliness taught her. Trauma raised her. Betrayal drove her. Bloodlust marred her. True love saved her. But none dared to tame her. ───────── "Every story I ever read, every movie I ever watched, Rae Hood was always the one doing the saving. What happened to that?" "It's funny," The practically immortal girl scoffed...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hooked: Captain Swan One-Shots
    23.5K 771 8

    A collection of One-Shots about the ship-that-sails-itself: Captain Swan!

  • The Enchanted Forest (OutlawQueen)
    10.5K 406 9

    ***CURRENTLY ON INDEFINITE HIATUS*** Henry's gone along with his memories of her, the town she worked so hard to build has been wiped off the map and she's forced to live with certain people she'd honestly much rather fireball, plus a heretofore unknown wicked half-sister is threatening everything she built as Queen...

  • From Your Tower ➛ OUAT
    214K 4.8K 40

    { Once Upon A Time Fanfiction } ❧ Peter Pan + Rapunzel ❧ There are things about Neverland that no one would have ever guessed. The story begins in 1678 with a girl who was stuck in a tower for sixteen years and a boy who just wanted to give her an adventure. [ picked for ABC'S OUAT top fanfic list ]

  • Trust: A Captain Swan Fanfiction
    23.2K 700 4

    After all the drama that went down in "The Outsider", Captain Swan seems quite impossible. While in jail, Hook tries to convince Emma that he is not the one in the wrong- Rumplestiltskin is. (This is a Once Upon A Time fanfiction. This was originally being posted on, but I decided to post it here as wel...