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  • Strategize: Haikyuu Fanfic
    3.2M 131K 97

    Play it safe. Push people away. Don't take risks. Don't try hard. Keep your standards low. Those things are to guarantee you an easy life. But there was one time. One time you mindlessly broke that rule. You had broken one of the biggest rules in your book. And oh how bad you broke it. Don't fall in love. Ayame Yamamo...

  • How to Solve a Riddle
    14.4K 917 36

    My name is Calypso. Calypso Riddle, daughter of Voldemort. And I'm the eighth Horcrux.

  • The Long Lost Potter (Harry Potter Fan Fic) NOT TERMINATED IT'S BACK!!!
    414K 6.3K 54

    Molly was always considered a freak. Strange things happen around her and nobody wants to be her friend. Her whole life will change when she discovers her real name, her biological family, and her true identity. Join Molly and her adventures through Hogwarts. Btw, her real name isn't Molly. Mwuahahahaha!

  • Broken sun
    369K 13.3K 16

    Naruto was still being abused as usual and he has to take the insults from his comrades as well. He can feel the mask he put on so carefully start to shatter. It was killing him on the inside. He self-harms and no one could hear his cries for help. They all either chose to ignore it or add more pain and misery to his...

  • The Hero I Love (Naruto)
    177K 4.9K 26

    What if Minato and Kushina weren't killed on the night of the Kyubi's attack? How would Naruto's life (and the rest of the villagers' lives) differ? And what if Obito was brought back to the village instead of him being left to die? Would there be peace in the ninja world or would there be a new threat to their existe...

  • Naruto: The Toad Sages Apprentice
    836K 19.1K 98

    Just for the record, I don't own any of this story or Naruto. I give all the credit to freowin. I will not repeat that I DO NOT own anything about this story. If you want to read his story go to and search Naruto The Toad Sages Apprentice. Naruto isn't placed on team 7, instead he is taken as Jiraiya's...

  • A Ninja Heart (Naruto Fanfic,Completed)
    316K 8.3K 100

    The greatest beauty of the village was also the monster of the village,with the Nine tails powers inside of her. With a twin brother of the same curse Narumi Uzumaki tries her best to protect herself and her brother Naruto. But what they did not know is that greater power was hiding under the Nine tails,a power that...

  • Ayano's Curse; The Fall of a Guardian [Naruto Fanfic]
    22.7K 1.1K 25

    Ayano was a girl who lived with misfortune. Her life was full of grieving and sorrow until one day, a man by the name of Satoshi Uchiha picked her up and became her teacher. When he died, her life didn't return to the way it was, no, her life became a life sworn for vengeance; Against the leaf ninja. What happens...

  • Guardians | Self-Published under Taralikha
    7.1M 276K 46

    Standalone novel || After hearing a terrifying prophecy about her life, Reika had to become a stronger Divian to protect herself from the looming danger. Together with her best friend Lexi, they traveled to the Capital for an apprenticeship under a Spirit Master, but events were moving far more rapidly than expected a...

  • The Dragon's Heir [Beta][Complete]
    4.2M 146K 24

    COMPLETE #1 in Fantasy #1 in Adventure #1 in Historical Fiction ---------- Sometimes, believing helps us to see truth. Other times, we need a little evidence to believe. But there is truth behind everything; every false manoeuvre, ever little lie...a small piece of truth is hidden. Just like truth is wound into le...

  • Spark | Kuroko no Basuke x OC
    568K 18.7K 52

    "Anyone who thinks that winning is everything in basketball is an idiot -- but don't worry, I promised Kuroko-kun that I will de-idiotfy you all!" The Generation of Miracles never saw her coming... But, they didn't seem to mind either. "Heh, go on a date with me and I'll show you just how much passion I have." "U...

  • Princess of Miracles (Kuroko no Basuke FanFic)
    485K 10K 39

    Kuroko Tamaki is the Sixth Player of Teiko basketball team. What will happen when she joins Seirin High's basketball team, and how can she help them along with battling her own inner demons? Fem!Kuroko/Aomine. Overprotective Gen!Miracles ========== Also available on my FanFiction account!

  • A Dragon's Rider (Unedited)
    1.7M 87.1K 43

    UNEDITED VERSION ( edited version on my page) In a world where every year, five male children from each city and village between the ages 15-18 are chosen to become dragon riders, what happens when only four males get chosen from one village? And what happens when they test the girls and the fifth child is chosen? Edi...

  • Forgotten Basketball (Kuroko no Basuke Fan Fiction)
    757K 22.3K 55

    "I don't know, whenever I play basketball it feels like I'm complete as a person," Aya Tsubasa has a passion for basketball but she doesn't know where it came from. Fragments of a red head boy always appears in her dreams, but she doesn't know who he is. Who is he? And what does he have to do with her? Read and finds...

  • Don't Babe Me, You Idiot (Kuroko no Basuke Fanfiction)
    81.2K 3.1K 15

    "When a bad boy falls in love, he falls in love deeper than you could ever imagine..." This is a story about mistakes, consequences, and second chances. A story about how love guides you back into the right path. --- Don't Babe Me, You Idiot (A Hanamiya Makoto Fanfiction) Yetyoibabe

  • The Devil that Died (Kuroko no basket)(HanamiyaxOC)(One-shot)
    1.2K 100 1

    This one-shot is about the past of one of the Uncrowned Kings. The infamously known one, Bad Boy, Hanamiya. Everyone thought he was like that. Hopeless. A piece of shit. Total jerk. That's what everyone thought. And I agree too. But do you believe, 'Love makes you crazy'? So will your opinion of him change if I tell...

  • KHR: Into Another Dimension
    730K 29.4K 60

    Having his world destroyed. Tsuna is sent by the dying Byakuran into another dimension. [[ON HOLD]]

  • Go Through The Faraway Sky
    7.4K 382 9

    Sawada Tsunayoshi (fem!Tsuna) is the youngest of the triplet in the Sawada Family. At the age of 9, she move to Namimori due to some... Occurrence. Can she find new friends in there? And what happened when a white haired man come to offer her a job? Life become more exciting from now. Warning!! Fem!Tsuna story and a...

  • [OLD] Luna Mew Light Kanto Journey
    381K 5.5K 33

    Xх First FanFiction Story! хX Xx BOOK 1: Luna Mew Light 'Winter Sky Storm' Series! Xx Luna Mew Light is a young girl who dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Master, when she was little she found two Pokémon an electric type Pichu and a fire type Chimchar who is now an Infernape. Follow Luna, Misty and Brock, also picking up...

  • [ON HOLD] Takuya Aurora Sky Pokémon Adventures!
    235K 4K 38

    See as the story starts of as Takuya Aurora Sky a 5-year-old girl, and her mother goes on a vacation in the Kanto Region; Orange Islands known as Kumquat Island. But during that vacation a sudden storm blows in, Takuya gets washed away out into sea with her new Pokémon friends, what will happen? ----------•••...

  • [Discontinued] Luna Mew Light 'Winter Sky Storm' Hoenn Journey
    177K 2.6K 36

    Xx Book 3: Sequel to 'Luna Mew Light Johto Journey' Xx ❌DISCONTINUED BEGIN REWRITTEN ❌ After Winning two Leagues in a row Luna Mew Light, she found out that she can't travel in peace so she made another identity as 'Winter Sky Storm.' See Winter enters Gyms Battles and Contests Performances. Follow Luna/ Winter, Tomo...

  • [OLD] Luna Mew Light Johto Journey
    200K 3.2K 32

    Xx BOOK 2: Sequel to 'Luna Mew Light Kanto Journey' Xx Xх Second FanFiction Story! хX Luna Mew Light is a young girl who dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Master, when she was little she found two Pokémon an electric type Pichu and a fire type Chimchar. Follow Luna, Tomo her little brother, Misty and Brock as they travel...

  • The Mute Trainer
    48.3K 1.3K 25

    Allison is a friendly, loving, and mute girl that promise to never talk for the sake of others safety, shes been raised in the ilex forest since she was 5 years old after an accident with her parents, she's not use to being around people, but knew she had to some day She left her guardian to work for Sabrina in the S...

  • Pokemon: Pink Aura [Under major editing]
    58.4K 2.1K 43

    (Pokémon watty awards 2014) pg-13 Selena is a young mysterious girl that had ran away from home three years ago. She loves pranking, she hates people, and has the most amazing Pokemon anyone could ask for. Shadow, from the shadow triad, had been watching her for a long time, hoping she would open up to people...

  • A normal day then.. Bam! Into the world of Pokemon! (Pokemon Gold Fanfiction)
    71.9K 1.6K 11

    A 16 year old named Elena was playing Pokemon Gold Version on her Gameboy Advance SP when she looked out the window and saw a falling star, then made a wish, that if she could have her Pokemon from the game really be hers in real life, and she began feeling dizzy, passing out. Then the next day waking up in the middle...

  • The Sea Guardian {A Pokémon Fanfiction}
    31.3K 1.8K 31

    I was alone. Concealed in a cell without anyone, not even my pokemon. I only wanted to help, but they were too strong. They stole my best friends, my pokemon, and locked me away. I could hear the cries of innocent pokemon being attacked. Fighting for the safety of the city. They'd taken everything from me. My family...

  • Find my voice <Pokemon fanfic>
    215K 10.9K 55

    A new world full of old things in how fourteen year old Paige sees the world and after seven long years locked away from it, she jumps at her first chance to once more be free. However, Paige is mute, never being able to utter a single word her entire life and this makes traveling much harder but she is soon offered...

  • Pokemon; A Kanto Adventure {Under Editing}
    102K 2.8K 57

    Red, Blue, Green and Leaf are four lifelong friends that are all secretly in love with each other. Once Professor Oak gives them Pokemon, they leave Pallet Town in hopes of making their dreams come true. But when your in a love square, is reaching to complete your ambitions any easier? (None of the pictures in the boo...

  • People meet percabeth or demigods
    910K 12.4K 39

    As it says these are one shots of people meet percabeth or demigods. Important!!! I own nothing!! Pjo characters belong to Rick Riordan

  • love letters (completed)
    300K 12.5K 101

    ❝ i couldn't tell you, so i wrote. question is: do i have the courage to give them to you? ❞ copyrights - all right reserved.