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  • Odds & Us ✔️
    15K 1.4K 54

    Book 2 of Raichand - Mehra - Malhotra Series A tale after the happily ever after... Some fairy tales have another story to tell even after 'The End.' Here comes 'AGREEMENT EXTENDED' - Odds & Us. It's the 2nd Chapter in the lives of Ansh & Ahana but it's just a beginning, a new page for their Angels - Aman, Ayan and...

    10.8K 1K 43

    A Story, of two, all the way different people. Filled with white lies along and a pinch of suspense. Admist The Sea of Contrasting Background, Here's a Story Of Heartbreaking Compassionate Love. Meera and Kush, Two different personalities,coming from Two Different Genre Of Families. What separates them is Meera's...

    635K 25.1K 75

    Highest Rank #1 - Destiny #1 - Truth #1 - Marriage #2 - India #2 - Faith Book 1 of Raichand - Mehra - Malhotra Series * Editing In Process * What happens when your marriage is on the foundation of some pieces of papers and not on Love, Trust and Respect? " You better remember Ahana Sehgal, Oh sorry it's Ahana Raic...

  • Reading : A Leisure For Pleasure!
    3.6K 154 32

    Hey!! Guys These books which I have mentioned are my collections of Must Reads, which I think most of you ll love❤️ and Enjoy reading...

  • Married to Mr. Nightmare One Shot
    6.1K 190 3

    Highest Rank #251 Married to Mr Nightmare.. (One Shot Chapter..) Love has it's own sweet world. Enjoy this beautiful world with Rehan and Maiyra along with me. Support them in their journey towards finding LOVE.. ❤️ A new extension of the Rehan - Maiyra love story.