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  • Two and Two in One
    70.9K 1.7K 41

    Brase fanfic w/some Kick. Bree and Chase like each other but don't know yet. All because of a prank started by Chase and Jack, Bree and Kim decide to get revenge but it backfires. Revealing their feelings that have been there all along. and ever since Brase and Kick has been together, completely happily in love. BREE...

  • If Ant Farm had one more episode.
    1.2K 23 1

    Isn't it sad that Ant Farm ended? Well don't worry, I wrote a fanfic to that is based after the last episode. There will be Hudson and maybe Fletcher too! Lexi is going to be more devious than before! Angus is going to hungrier, Olive is going to be, well Olive, and China is going to be more musical and she might poss...

  • Kickin'it with Auslly
    6.8K 122 4

    Austin & Ally are 2 new students at seafood . The 2 become friends with Jack & Kim and the rest of the gang . Jack and Kim realize that Austin & Ally are the perfect couple and they try to get them together . Along the way Jack & Kim realize maybe all this time they were the perfect couple too .............. ~Auslly ~...

  • Oddest Collision
    10.3K 187 31

    [Lab Rats Crossover, Book 1] Seaford. The place where the Davenports, Shake it up crew, Wasabi Warriors and their friends meet. Though evil still lurks around and won't stop till it gets what it wants. This is the place where the puzzle pieces come together. When these three worlds collide it is one huge adventure. [I...