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  • Bezubaan Ishq #Wattys2019 #MissionDesi
    81.4K 7.1K 73

    NOT REALLY A FAN- FICTION Tricked into marriage but, tricked into Love? Never! * Some love stories never end but, what about those which end before they even start? <><> AN: If you are looking for a book without grammatical errors or urban Urdu, and in proper english, then this book isn't for you /.\ I m...

  • Bin Tere
    9.1K 1.1K 23

    Yeh Kahani hai Pyaar ki, Jo Adhuri hai Bin Tere. Thama hai jo haath mera ae Sanam, Chodna dena warna, Mar hi jaye ge Hum. Give it a try and I'll bet you'll love it!!!

  • The Perfect Memory
    511 19 3

    This is the story about Zee and Fiza, it is based on the YouTube video (Dhoombros) however I will be changing this story slightly.

  • Halal Tale Of Love (prequel of: An Act Of Love)
    38.5K 3.5K 51

    halal tale of love is a journey from the first meet to marriage. its a story of a girl amaya and her dream being married by her parents choice its a story on how her dreams come true when she first met with her prince charming and gets attached and how her dream was shatters and glued by the same prince again.

  • Trapped Into Love ♡
    24.1K 3.1K 57

    (COMPLETED) A girl and a boy, completely different from each other crossed eachother's ways in France. Shayaan Ahmed the heart throb of girls meets a nerd looking and a shy girl Haniya Rehman who appears to be changing his way of thinking, his behaviour and his personality completely. Love is unpredictable, It happens...

  • Pyaar Ki Ek Kahaani
    10.2K 510 14

    Hussain and Hafsa's first encounter is when they bump into each other at the airport. After Hafsa's cousins wedding, they coincidently go to the same camping trip. This is a story about how their relationship grows during time, from being annoyed by each other to becoming something more than friends.

  • Can't leave it broken. //AU.//
    13.9K 1.3K 48

    "Don't ever tell me what to do again." He spoke, my wrists pained as his grip on them tightened after every word he let out of his mouth. I closed my eyes, scared of this person before me that wasn't Hussain, it just can't be him. I knew that I would get a bruise on my wrists after this, tears flowed down from my...

  • Mohabbat Ho Toh Aesi
    1.3K 149 21

    Hi guy's so it's my first story hope u guy's like it share it and support me 😊😊

  • The Billionaire And His Angel ( Hussain Asif Fanfiction )
    197K 7.1K 42

    (( VERY SLOW UPDATES! )) #200 in Romance - 31/5/2017 #388 in Romance - 30/4/2017 He was fire She was ice He was full of dark She was full of light Hussain Asif the world's richest Billionaire who has everything but living in dark ; What will happen when a commoner girl will come to his life and change it by pourin...

  • You're My Anchor
    3K 279 35

    Getting married was on her list of things to happen, but not as fast as it did. She was marrying a complete stranger. To him it was obvious she didn't want to be married as soon as she was. He didn't even have a choice in the matter. Join the journey of two complete strangers and see how their life works out after...

  • There was something about him! ( Shehryaar Asif Fanfiction )
    662 52 4

    (Slow Updates ! ) Her breath caught in her throat, when he came dangerously close to her , his breath was fanning her face as he nuzzled , his lips were tracing her neck , she closed her eyes in complete pleasure " Stay away from me Mia ! I am fire don't play with me , I will burn you before you can do anything !" he...

  • Taman'na ❤ (A moral Story)
    35.2K 3.8K 45

    ______Completed______ But his love was true, His love is, Was and will remain like that Strong for his Taman'na.. "Zindagi Ka doosra naam Jeena Hai, Farq sirf itna hai Zindagi guzari jaati hai or jeena zindah dil logoun ka kam hai" SHEHRY AND TAMAN'NA.. ❤

  • The Cure To My Heart #Wattys2016
    440K 27.4K 72

    Its impossible one has a heart and there is no pain in it, there are no wounds in it. Doesn't matter its Heer, an ordinary girl living in some remote area of Pakistan or its the famous Shehryar Asif, the heartthrob of millions of girls today.... all have a heart and all have their own wounds in them, waiting for some...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mannat......A Love Story
    925K 38.9K 75

    it is Dhoombros Fan fiction, actually a Hussain Asif's story, his journey towards the stars he wanted to touch and that one special girl he kept on meeting in his life...again and again!!!! no mater how hard he hated her or avoided her, destiny did its work ;)

  • Awkward Or Funny Moments Being A Dhoomie:2
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    24.2K 5.4K 200

    Its somehow a funny book which will comprise of some funny or awkward situations which are faced by a crazy dhoomie:* Do give me feedback about this and showup if u relate to the given situation:) Disclaimer:ONLY FOR DHOOMIES:)

  • AIK PAL...
    5.8K 661 24 this idea just came to my its my very first db fanfic...i'll not disclose here that which db member will be the Thats for me to know nd for you to find in the intro:p So this is a story of a simple girl named Mahnoor,20 yrs old.....she is tensed about something or i should say someo...

  • A Life Full Of Love
    260 32 5

    Life is a wonderful journey . You meet several people in this journey you never know what roles they are going to play in your life . That's the mystery of life . Life is very interesting because while you live your life you will be solving many mysteries. Happiness is the strength of one's life. It gives you the ener...

  • Flowers For My Love... O:)
    30.9K 1K 32

    I'm A BIGGG fan of DhoomBros! :) And I love and adore Shehry and the way he replies me on facebook :) I'm just here to share my imagination and the way I love my Shehry Yaar! :) <3

  • Meri jaan hai tu
    7.7K 866 20

    kaise kahu apna bana lo mujhe, nigahoun mei apni samaa lo mujhe, aaj himmat karke kehta hun mein tumhara hun ab tum hi sambhalo mujhe.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ cast: Dhoombros as themselves Mawra hocane as Aiza Urwa hocane as Aaniya ali zafar as rehan sajal ali as rida This is the story of a girl aiza qureshi whose parents hav...

    96.8K 4.6K 33

    Two different worlds Two different people Two different personalities All meant to be united!!!!! Shehryaar Asif and Khadeeja are two different people who are bonded in a bond of marriage Forcefully... Neither wanted it but yet had to give this sacrifice Shehryaar loves Aheeba but sacrificed his love to marry Kha...

  • Life Under the Hijab | ✔
    1.4M 66.5K 34

    He once abandoned her to her bullies, but now he has redemption on his mind. Little does he know that this woman has other plans and that life would force them together again. * * * Being a Muslim was not made to be easy. Zaynub understands this because she's living through difficulty after difficulty. With family and...

  • Wanderers Poetry
    2.2K 551 52

    You know the time in ur life when u can't speak but u can write. This is one of those moments of my life that I can't say but prefer to write in the form of poetry. ---------------------------------------------------------- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No parts of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitte...

  • Quotes :)
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    This book is just about some of my Favorite quotes!! Some of the Quotes are Song Lyrics Highest: #27 Random #1 in pursue Thank you so much for loving and reading this quote book! It's been more than 4/5 years since I started on it and did not expect firit to receive so much love! [Currently under editing, please do u...

  • Zidd #Missiondesi
    56.3K 4.6K 54

    Stubbornness, something that each one has deep inside. Doesn't matter what age group one is, stubbornness is what never leaves. It can be about anything. Sometimes it can be very cute, but if the same stubbornness takes over one, it can ruin many things Her stubbornness was her revenge, that was the only reason for he...

  • SAJDAH- A Love Story... #missionDesi ✔️
    416K 24.7K 78

    **COMPLETED** Hussain misses his life before fame and is craving for a peaceful holiday away from his hectic schedule. His dream comes true when Waqas and Shehry plan a secret trip for him. This is where Preet enters the picture; a girl who is a true punjabi at heart and a complete mess. Celebrities are nothing but a...

  • Dhoomros Imaginations ;)
    3.2K 208 9

    Well I will write dhoombros imaginations now. Request me to write one for you, yes you the one reading this, I will write dhoombros imaginations on request with your favorite dhoombros member ;) . I'm going to write imaginations now coz of my cute Sotan Aliya :P ...lollz

  • Love Triangle With The DhoomBros
    1.2K 29 3

    just another love story with a mesmerising storyline...... what will happen when a boy loves you unconditionally but doesn't tell you but u know it and u want to put him to the biggest test of his life!!!

  • Imagines. //Dhoombros.//
    32.1K 2.3K 114

    I'm going to write short imagines of Dhoombros here. If you want one, you can just PM me and I'll write one with your main character with your favorite guy from Dhoombros. But not all imagines would be romantic and happy, cause yar thora drama tou banta hi hai ;) there should be a little sadness in a story or else it'...

  • Kuch Pyaar Ke Pal(Dhoombros Imaginations)
    4K 369 27

    Just simple and sweet imaginations on dhoombros