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  • Swiftstar's Prophecy - Unofficial version
    14.2K 713 78

    Swiftpaw is prophecied to be the "peacemaker" between the clans and the rogues that threaten the clan territories. But how can Swiftpaw live up to her title if her clan denies her capability and her heart is shattered from her past? And if Swiftpaw cannot fix herself, how can she fix the clans for the incoming storm o...

  • The Abandoned Warrior
    112K 3.9K 50

    [Warriors Cats Fanfiction] In the fierce clan of BloodClan, a small runt named Snowkit is born. Taking after her kind and soft-hearted mother, she is quickly regarded as useless to the clan. After an unfair exile, Snowkit is abandoned in the forest and left to survive on her own. However, in passing moons, Snowkit lea...

  • Warriors: Bumblestripe's Insanity
    149K 8.8K 34

    Something more powerful than the Dark Forest is about to cause disturbance within ThunderClan...and it's love. Bumblestripe has loved Dovewing forever. But after she rejects him for another cat, he wonders if there's any way to stop the pain that seeing her causes- and decides the only way is to get rid of her. A tale...

  • Warrior Cats: Wolfheart's Destiny
    17.8K 1.2K 11

    Wolfheart's Destiny [Warriors Return, Book #1] "With its destiny unknown, A destiny etched to stone. The daughter of the full moon's lover must sacrifice herself and her foretelling to the bird of fire, or hurt everything she loves..." Orphaned at the age of a newborn, young Wolfheart's life ha...

  • Wildheart's Path (A warriors fan-fiction)
    6.4K 422 37

    Wildheart is the grand daughter of Scourge but she doesn't know until her mother tells her, when she finds out about him, Riverclan also finds out, it's up to her to live down what her grandfather did and earn the trust of her clanmates again.

  • Warriors #1: Kittypet Clanborn
    122K 4.8K 32

    Living near a place of wild animals, Lily has always wondered about the strange cats that lurk around the forest, and then the lake, where she is staying with her housefolk for the greenleaf season. Lily has a passion for adventure, which only furthers her curiosity of wild cats. She wonders if these cats are really...

  • Warrior Cats Help
    615K 5K 35

    This book has unique pelt colors and traits, names for Clans and cats of all sorts, plenty of plots, how to do ceremonies, creating camps, a list of prey and all of the herbs! If you need any help on anything in Warrior Cats, then this book is FOR SURE the one to help you out! [If you need help on anything, explain wh...

  • Warrior Cat Quotes
    508K 30.6K 168

    A huge collection of Warrior Cat Quotes, straight from the Erins. I've picked out some of the most beautiful, poetic, sassy, funny, and iconic lines in the Warriors series. Enjoy! ~~ The LARGEST and most CURATED collection of Warriors quotes on Wattpad! ~~ Please don't fight in the comments, I mean, c'mon! I'll have t...

  • Warriors: Crazystar's Battle
    53.3K 2.9K 30

    ~The flame of mischief will rise to attempt to defeat the dark splash of murder and betrayal~ Crazykit is the daughter of Swiftstorm and Flamefoot, and as a kit, often finds herself doing things she shouldn't be, such as knocking over the fresh-kill pile and moving the medicine cat's supplies. But as she grows old...

  • Warriors: Sky and Darkness- Follow the Wind
    3.3K 121 4

    ~When the stars align, their watcher will know. They will tell the Ones to follow the path of the wind. ~•~ Then the sky shall turn into the shade of night, and the white light of the moon will turn red. Once a single cat has shed their blood, the Clans will come home. ~ Many seasons after the Great Battle, the Clan...

  • Warrior Cats: The Winding Path (Book 1)
    138K 4.3K 26

    A new generation of cats have been born. Sagekit, Timberkit, and Nightkit are born into ThunderClan. Like any cat, they have a destiny. They must choose the path on which they'll take and that will lead them to their demise or life as a warrior. It has been many moons since the times of Firestar and Bramblestar roamin...

  • Warriors: Curse of the Clans: The New Threat
    18.2K 876 7

    Many, many years after Bramblestar's rulership, the Clans have had their peace. War and fighting was long forgotten, except for common quarrels. But nothing ever lasts as long as the Clans will live, and soon, their dark days return as unexpected as a cat pouncing on its prey. Things become difficult for five young c...

  • Warrior Cats: Cleardawn's Silence #Wattys2016 [Book ONE]
    262K 10.8K 46

    #Wattys2016 #feels *BOOK ONE of the CDS Series* *UNDER MAJOR EDITING* *SLOW UPDATES* :-: What would you do if your mother disappeared? What would you do when you suspected someone close to you had something to do with it? What would do... If your heart could never escape the pain, the betrayal... the guilt? Cleardawn...

  • Warrior Cats: Icetail's Enemy (COMPLETED ✔️)
    395K 15.5K 70

    "The darkness was never meant to be, and two cats, high and proud will lead and destroy." On the day of his apprentice ceremony, Icepaw had a dream that forever shattered the peace of the forest. Darkness surrounds Icepaw and his Clan as a mysterious new prophecy hints that trouble will soon come. He is determined to...