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  • The Sun | hjp
    1.9K 95 11

    After the death of her brother, Valerie Diggory returns to Hogwarts OC x Harry Potter As always all Harry Potter characters go to JKR:( Valerie Diggory is my original character <3 Started Jan 31st 2021

  • Starry Night {George Weasley}
    2.5K 107 5

    'you drew stars around my scars and now I'm bleeding' --18+ SMUT SCENES-- --I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters only my original characters--

  • Prevision {Fred Weasley}
    315 27 5

    pre·vi·sion /ˌprēˈviZH(ə)n/ a feeling or prediction about a future event. In which a young girl has visions of Fred Weasley dying in a tragic war and makes it her mission to prevent that from happening. ---May contain mature scenes that are uncomfortable for some readers--- --I do not own Harry Potter, only my origin...

  • Flames of Eternity // George Weasley
    604K 14.9K 32

    WARNING: THERE WILL BE A LOT OF INTENSE 18+ SMUT SCENES! (+ depictions of consensual sex, violence, crude language, mature themes, etc...) Calista Warrington, a Slytherin Muggleborn who has kept her blood status a secret her whole life, begins to develop a certain connection with someone she never thought she would-Gr...

  • messy // george weasley
    327K 8.8K 28

    What they had was never very clean, but things usually do get messy in the kitchen. // !MATURE CONTENT AHEAD! (lots of smut, mental illness, swearing, etc.) Read the disclaimer for specific details. This is a slowish burn fic for mature audiences. The main love interests are George Weasley & Dean Thomas. Not always...

    Completed   Mature
  • Amortentia (A Harry Potter Franchise Inspired Fan Fiction)
    72.1K 2K 35

    Gwendolyn Thatcher is a young wizard starting her fourth year at Hogwarts. She will have to face many challenges like love, lust, dark magic, and death. This story will take place in years 4-7. (AKA a long story like probably more that 70 chapters) This story has a warning for smut and language (recommended for 18+) ...