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  • Divine
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    A Camila/You Male

  • The Governments Toy (Dinah/you)
    14.1K 363 15

    You're a government secret, she's a normal girl. What happens when your fates collide? (Bxg)

  • Fake smile-Camila/you
    20.9K 513 18

    When you're in love with a person and doesn't have the urge of courage to confess your hidden feeling due to your fear of rejection. But what if that person has a partner that makes you feel that your not enough for her. Will you still handle the hurt,the suffering and broken heart that your left to pick and put toget...

  • Sketches (Lauren/You)
    34.3K 1K 20

    Y/n was a starving, out of work artist, in need of a model. Lauren was a simple waitress, who just happened to have the look he needed. Lauren/maleyou story

  • Publicity Stunt.
    196K 7.5K 41

    Male Y/N. just read it.

  • Shattered (Dinah/You)
    39.5K 1.3K 11

    Y/N is a basketball player and a mamas boy. One day he's out and is pulled over. The officer shoots him as he's reaching for his wallet like the cop had asked him too. The bullet had entered his neck and exited just under his jaw. Dinah is his girlfriend and she is told that Y/N is in the hospital and may not make it...

  • Hearts Are Torn (Lauren Jauregui/Male! You)
    3.9K 123 9

    The human heart is the single most frustrating thing in our lives. You know? Because you tell it to like this person, or to have this passion, or to go this way. But it doesn't listen. Instead, it likes the exact person you should've stayed away from. It likes the last person you should like. Your boyfriend's brother...

  • Lauren jauregui imagines
    292K 5.2K 88

    Read it you might actually enjoy it. #1 in maleyou #29 in ynstories

  • Thanks 2 The VMA'S
    224 2 1

    Rico Harden a Famous Football player attending to the VMA'S,you meet the Famous Models Normani Kordei And Dinah Jane at the after party and You and Norminah hit it off

  • Loving The Blonde~Dinah/Male
    52.4K 1.3K 52

    Dinah...Dinah Jane...Dinah Jane Hansen is a bubbly natured girl from Santa Ana California who made her dreams into a reality with her fellow friends and band mates by being in highly successful girl group Fifth Harmony...(Camila is in the group in this story but not for the entire story) Y/N Y/L/N is the cousin of he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fight House Camila/You
    23.8K 795 7

    Based off of the Camila/You Imagine, Fight House (BoyxGirl) • Y/N Y/L/N, a kid is recovering from the loss of his mother and trying to take care of his little sister. Struggling to keep up with bills and money and turns to his uncles for extra money. What he didn't know that the extra money source could be a life sen...

  • Changing your life (Lauren/you)
    21.4K 536 15

    It's my first story, so i hope you will enjoy it ;) Y/N Y/LS is a famous producer and writer in Music industry. He doesn't want to be famous or to catch the attention in his school so he decided to be known with another name: N/D (a name or adjective that you guys want). People in his class bullies him and they think...

  • Steal My Heart
    1.4K 57 1

    "So... you're a thief?" "No. Well yes- but like I'm different. I'm good." "You realize that's a fuckboy line. You're like the fuckboy of thieves." "Lauren, please." Or The kinda sorta modern day Robin Hood AU! **Possible Trigger Warning!** Cover by: SLOTHTATO

  • Vagabond (Lauren/you)
    2.9K 68 7

    Prompt: You and Lauren are next door neighbors and used to be best friends. In high school, you both drifted away and Lauren became a popular cheerleader. You're a bad boy skater since you're not friends with Lauren anymore you always clash, sarcastic and tease her a lot but of course, you're really in love with her...

  • The Three Of Us (Lauren/You)
    123K 4.7K 15

    Being alone and bullied all your life, you form an unlikely friendship with a short but witty green-eyed boy. What happens when the bond you share pushes you into an unknown world filled with love, friendship, and heartbreak? Will you let him and his loving mom fill in the gaps in your life? Or will you push them away...

  • Beyond The Stage ● Lauren/OC
    5.4K 137 15

    When Brandon Roberts auditioned for the X-Factor, he didn't expect much. But maybe he should have expected more. He certainly didn't expect to meet seven new brothers and a girl who would change his life. This is the story of Chord Eight and the bond they formed together and with Fifth Harmony, thanks to Simon Cowell...

  • Change The Bad Girl
    86.3K 3.8K 47

    What happens when the bad city girl falls in love with a kind southern gentleman?

    Completed   Mature
  • Wild Thoughts (Normani/You)
    220K 9K 70

    I suck at descriptions.

    Completed   Mature
  • Never again (Dinah/you)
    38.4K 702 24

    Y / n is a senior in high school. He plays football and there star player. Every girl basically throws there's self at him. He's been hurt before , y/n hasn't loved for a while until. Dinah Jane comes.

  • Broken Home
    107 7 1

    Cover by SLOTHTATO Broken. It seems to run in this small family's DNA. Anytime they become happy, they become broken. At just five years old, Andrew Harris witnessed his father verbally and physically abuse his mother. Up until that moment, he was happy. Then he was broken. At fourteen, his girlfriend became pregnant...

  • The Edge Of Senior Year
    360 13 3

    Langston Acosta the 18 year old senior in high school dating Lauren Jauregui 18 years old so a senior in high school Langston and Lauren have been dating since middle school,but something will change when Lauren throws that all away by doing something she thought she never do the summer before senior year. This causes...

  • Lost Mendes || Camila/You
    117K 3.9K 27

    Male/You Editing at the moment ! Cover : Laursexual

  • Criminal Love.
    2.9K 125 21

    23 year old Lauren Jauregui was formerly a part of the girl group "Fifth Harmony" until she began studying criminology , phycology, and profiling soon after high school. With heavy hearts the band called it quits, Camila and Lauren had fallen in love soon before the band fell apart and decided to go off on their own...

  • Unexpected
    11.9K 336 26

    I suck at these so Read to find out

  • Fade to Black (sequel to riptide)
    3.5K 122 52

    After Lauren's accident Jackson can't help but to feel it's all his fault. If it wasn't for him she wouldn't have been in the street and she wouldn't be in a coma now. Will Lauren ever wake up? If she does will she hate Jackson? Does she even want to wake up or will their love fade to black.

  • Lauren Jauregui imagines
    22.7K 399 13

    Boy Y/N as these are written by a male fan Also suggestions always appreciated :)

  • I Got You (Normani/You/Dinah)
    119K 5.2K 60

    Male Y/N

    Completed   Mature
  • You're Mine (Camila/You)
    132K 3.2K 52

    BoyxGirl 1st book (You Promise? Is the 2nd book) Some random stranger texts Camila in the middle of the night. What happens when they start texting? (Sorry I'm bad at descriptions...)

    Completed   Mature
  • Why? (Camila/You)
    40K 825 15

    WARNING: I MADE THIS WITHOUT REALLY A PLAN FOR THE STORY SO SORRY IF IT DISAPPOINTS YOU!! BoyxGirl Finally, you've graduated from highschool. Now it's summer. You've been invited to a graduation party at a friends house. When arriving you notice Camila is there with Lauren, Normani, Dinah, and Ally. Everyone has been...

  • Right Or Wrong
    16K 392 23

    Marquese and Lauren dated in they past they meet again and have kids but Lauren cheats on him and leaves him and the children. Marq moves on and doesn't care for Lauren anymore.Lauren wants her family back but would Marq allow it