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  • Bad boy || G.B.D
    252K 7.5K 36

    He was bad...but maybe that's what I wanted...

    375K 11.5K 40

    [G.DOLAN; COMPLETED ] ❝Grayson, two words to describe what you see in Kendall.❞ ❝Basic Bitch.❞ * * * listen I wrote this book in like 2016 and it's sooooo cringe, so please read at your own risk!! MATURE CONTENT; CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED ©highkiisavage

    Completed   Mature
  • too late ⇉ g.d
    57.5K 1.7K 9

    she was too late to tell him how she felt, because he found someone better. ↱once was made into an imagine but now made into a fanfic↰ [ main characters; grayson dolan as himself. maggie lindemann as clark butcher ethan dolan as himself ]

  • badass. ; g.d - UNDER EDITING
    98.4K 1.7K 17

    He was the danger. She was worse.

  • voicemail ; g.d.
    30.6K 1K 7

    "check your voicemail," he winked. ----- copyright © 2016 by weheartfanfic

  • Boss || E.G.D
    381K 12K 70

    "What are you doing here ?" ______ Sequel to "Bad boy"

  • Prude: A Dolan Twins Fanfic
    335K 6.8K 39

    Ally and ethan have been best friends for years. Ever since Ethans become famous on vine though, he's become more popular and more of a bad boy. Ally and ethan are still very close, but they are about to become even closer. Find out what happens in "Prude."

    Completed   Mature
  • stupid ; g.d.
    122K 5K 20

    "You can't love me," he said. "I'm stupid." ••••• in which a girl falls in love with a mentally disabled boy.

  • the boy next door// e.dolan
    10.1K 287 2

    "I think I'm falling for the boy next door." - a story in which a girl falls for the bad boy next door. story idea : @-tiawrites + lowercase intended this is an alternative universe styled story, grayson will not be involved.

  • Bullied by the Dolan twins.
    8.9K 377 4

    "Hate" is the only word I can find for them.

  • Love Bites G.D.
    36.2K 667 16

    Tina Woods and Grayson Dolan (Vampire story(sorry)) When I finsh writing this someone. Can make a bomb ass summary. I can't.

  • dolan twin imagines
    99.5K 1.3K 13

    stories that I come up with to make up for the fact that I will never meet them

  • Bite me (Grayson Dolan)
    667K 15K 108

    This is the story of Lina, a normal teenage girl and Grayson, a hundred year old vampire. Their worlds collide and they don't start off on really good terms but things take turn, more than you'd ever expect. To find out what happens between these then just keep reading. I hope you won't be disappointed!. Xx love W...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Night Awoken(Dolan Twins Fanfic)
    95.6K 1.9K 34

    A girl name as brooklynn Johnson meets the twins and find out there secret. Will she be like them or no?

  • Ecstasy
    7K 184 16

    New kid in town running into trouble.

  • My Boyfriends Brother // Dolan Twins
    72.5K 1.6K 18

    Natalie is a 15 year old teen that is dating the famous Ethan Dolan. Both, Nat and Ethan start hanging out with Grayson once he broke up with his Ex. Natalie gets really close to Grayson and they fall in love. What should she do?

  • Cry Baby- E.D
    3K 135 14

    Indigo is a normal teenager. There's a mysterious boy that's in her art class. He starts talking to her and they fell in love at love at first sight. But could it be true that Ethan is hiding secrets from Indigo to not hurt her? His twin tries to rape Indigo and he succeeds. Will Ethan find out? Will this add up to th...

  • Distant - G.D
    887 19 6

    Aria used to be a sweet girl. Daddy's 'perfect daughter'. Until her father and brother both passed away... People fear her. She's the person you wouldn't want to be. People avoid her. They're scared. No one sees the good in her. No one... She's forced to show this new boy around for a week. Will he run away? Or will h...

  • Best Friends Brother
    228 9 5

    "I loved you! Your my best friend, now your with my brother Garyson" "It's not what you think Ethan" "It's... It's....." You'll have to see what happens does she pick her best friend Ethan Dolan the loving sweetheart or Grayson Dolan the sweet but bad boy that has one thing on his mind

  • freak
    11.8K 474 11


  • Broken & Scarred (A Dolan Twin Fanfic)
    5.1K 157 10

    My names Brooke & I used to best friends with the Dolan Twins, Grayson and Ethan Dolan, but when things take a turn upside down my life gets flipped around

  • Wrong//Grayson Dolan
    16.7K 262 2

    "I wasn't angry when she went with him. I wasn't angry when she stayed with him even after what he did to her. I wasn't even angry when she had stopped talking to me. I wasn't angry at all. I was heartbroken"

  • Lust // g.d.
    140K 3.9K 24

    The Arctic. A place of desolation, emptiness, coldness. Yet here thrives an army that seeks solutions for the world that has now fallen under a resource fatigue. Ray, a seventeen year old girl is simply a soldier, yet she becomes part of the main problem as soon as she meets Grayson Dolan. Grayson Dolan, the leader of...

  • Fatty G.D & E.D (#Wattys2020) ✔
    171K 5.5K 41

    It was always one of them saying how much they loved me, at the beginning it was both of them then after a while it felt like a joke. Too bad it couldn't end well for all of us, it just seemed like it was way too much of a game.

  • Teenage dirtbag ;g.d [ editing ]
    469K 10.8K 2

    "i'm new here, will you show me to my classes?" "do i have to?" "it would be nice..."

  • She's The Bully |G.D|
    48.1K 1.4K 8

    Grayson Dolan, a shy, quiet, insecure school boy. He didn't have many friends, or any at all. His only friend was his twin brother, Ethan. Ethan was the rock that kept Grayson together, but Ethan was killed in a car accident. Ever since, Grayson was never the same. His grades started to slip, he became very depressed...

  • the pianist - g.b.d au
    2.1K 89 8

    He was a prodigy, she was the student but there was a lot more to his life than she had ever imagined.

  • NUDES (Grayson Dolan)
    2.6M 55.2K 129

    *you have sent an image to Grayson * "Shit" Contains : sex,rape and murder also bullying and the worst of all spelling errors

  • The Bet (Grayson Dolan)
    309K 7.3K 38

    "I wanna make a bet with you" I looked up at him with curiosity but I didn't want him to think I was interested in what he had to say. "Over my dead body" "Oh come on kitten, I know you'll like it" I crossed my arms. "Fine, I'm not saying yes. But what is it?" He smiled that devil smile. I didn't like what was about t...