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  • A Better Place
    71.5K 5.9K 175

    Poems Collection - Random Theme... Note: All media used are from the internet...

  • Tattoo of the Black Angel Vol. 1 (SAMPLE. Full book available on Amazon)
    718K 5.9K 5

    TATTOO OF THE BLACK ANGEL (Ebook and Print available on Amazon! Published by Three Acre Books) First in a gripping magical trilogy, TATTOO OF THE BLACK ANGEL is set within the modern-day world that's surrounded by myth and magic. When university student, Tara Young, is forcibly inked with a set of black wings on her b...

  • Love is Like a Raven [ON (POSSIBLY PERMANENT) HIATUS]
    129 2 4

    A modern day love story/tragedy based off of the many tales and poems by Edgar Allan Poe.

  • 101 Psychos
    913K 22.9K 39

    HORROR / SHORT STORIES - (Currently Undergoing Heavy Revisions) The following stories will feature 101 psychopathic individuals as they leave their gory mark on the world around them. In these stories, the villain always wins. There are no happy endings here. Everyone dies. These stories are purely HORROR, and reflect...

  • Wattpad Fantasy Writer's Advice
    142K 6.4K 19

    Tips on writing, plotting, publishing, gaining fans here on Wattpad and more!

  • Just Married
    2.2M 39.2K 21

    Cora Montgomery and Theodore Hayes have just been accident. Not remembering much about the night before, they arrive back to school as a married couple, and they are just about to murder each other at any second of the day. Seeing that it would take a whole lot of issues to divorce, they'll have to stick...