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  • Heartbeat [Alec Volturi]
    393K 12.8K 78

    "Watch your tongue." He murmured dangerously as he trailed his nose along my collar bone. The pounding of my heart was picking up speed, and his eyes grew darker with every beat. "You first." ~•~ When she sets out on a mission to uncover the truth behind her father's disappearance, Saffiya Civello becomes a prisoner...

  • Lost Cause » Void Stiles
    461K 16.6K 25

    ❝What's so great about sanity? I don't see you having any fun.❞ When asked to define insanity, a great majority of the Eichen House staff would direct the questioner to a petite brunette by the name of Lita Mitchell. In a building comprised of clinically insane people, too dangerous to roam freely within society, th...

  • A Mermaid's Tale
    370K 13.7K 35

    Aqua, a mermaid living in a human world. But when she is kidnapped by the vampire royals for revenge against her own royal family what secrets will come out. She learns her mermaids aren't aways what she has been told. Also she learns that the hot vampire sons of the royal family aren't like she thought. What laws wil...

  • Untouched ✔
    18.9M 623K 35

    "Y-you," she stuttered, staring at the handsome man sitting on the sleek black throne, "you're..." He rolled his eyes, waving his hand impatiently and said, "Hades. Come on, say it with me. Ha-des." "Hades," Ariel breathed out, still not believing the sight before her. Every picture she had seen of the gods had no...

    Completed   Mature
  • Obscure
    8.1M 373K 73

    [book one] The game was simple: A contest comprised of three unique challenges, designed to test a human's strength physically and mentally, their personality compatibility, and their chance of survival. The prize was excruciatingly tempting: The chance to be reborn, into a strong immortal creature of the Night, and t...

  • Red Hood
    279K 4.4K 7

    (COMPLETED) No one knew his real name. No one saw his face. He was a skilled knight in training who always wore a red hooded cloak during the training sessions. So the other knights called him Red Hood, completely oblivious to the fact that he was a woman in disguise. Even though the kingdom of Isalgia has started to...

  • On the Run: A Draco Malfoy Love Story
    217K 4.7K 31

    Draco Malfoy is a Death Eater. He decides that the only way to escape his life and his terrible deed is to run. But after blurting out his secret to a beautiful stranger, he gets tangled in a series of unfortunate events. He can run, but he can't hide. Will he make it out alive or will his efforts be made futile?

  • The Maze Trials → Newt¹
    673K 18.9K 44

    ❝Everything is going to change.❞ When she comes to, curled up on her side inside some strange elevator of sorts, the only thing Adeline can remember is her name. Anything else about herself - who she is, her childhood, her family - are gone. Her mind feels empty, like a dark void. Then, when the doors to the elevator...

    Completed   Mature
  • Foxblood: A Brush with the Moon
    998K 12.4K 37

    Complete at 75,000 words. One incident is all it takes to change your life. For Sophie it happened the day the fox attacked her. When Sophie moves to university, she is finally happy; reunited with her best friend and spending time doing the one thing she loves, art. Life’s perfect. Or is it? In Fosswell, nothing is a...

  • Les Misérables | Regulus A. Black [1]
    1.6M 106K 64

    Since the time she was a young girl, Éponine Rosier has learned the importance of marrying a respectable pureblood and not trusted to make the decision on her own, she finds herself arranged in a marriage with a boy she hardly knows. Throughout her childhood, she's had very limited interactions with the boy by the nam...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jondrette Girl | Regulus A. Black [2] ( ON HOLD)
    237K 20K 36

    (Sequel to Les Misérables) Since abandoning the foundations of Toujours Pur, Éponine Rosier has never felt so free. Her parents have disowned her, her former friends act like she doesn't exist, and her ex-boyfriend, well, she's fairly certain he's a Death Eater these days. And yet, nothing has stopped Éponine from b...

  • Love, Lies and Levi (Levi x Reader)
    748K 19.3K 38

    This story is about the life Levi and (Y/n) have from when they were kids raised by Kenny to when they were reunited as members of the survey corps, to now being the strongest humans on earth and accompanying the Titan shifter Eren along their journey in saving humanity. Warnings: 🔞 18+ - There will be 🍋's but I'll...

    Completed   Mature