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  • A Demon's Love.
    190K 5.6K 33

    A Demon's love is eternal. For it never fades or withers away. If a Demon finds it then they're bound to that someone forever, unlike being forced with a contract. This is the story about Sebastian's love...

  • ~Red Riding Hood~{Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji}(Red Hood Diaries 1/3)
    548K 12K 28

    In the Victorian Era, a young boy named Ciel Phantomhive lost his parents and his mansion was burnt down two years ago. In the process of losing his parents, he seeks out to get revenge on those who killed them. Ciel summons a demon that he names Sebastian and makes a contract with him: Sebastian would serve and help...

  • Where the HECK am I? (A black butler fanfic) *ON HOLD*
    163K 8.1K 19

    "Aughhhh..." I groaned. "What happened?" my voice echoed as I rubbed my head. I got up, and looked around. "Where the HECK am I?" It was dark everywhere. I heard something and turned around. And looking straight at me were two red, glowing eyes. ••• Here, a story about Haru A girl with not a care(u?) About the goddam...

  • The black cat (black butler)
    204K 8.1K 40

    A cat named willow wonders the streets freely but lonely. That is until a tall butler dressed in black catches sight of her. Instinctively he picks her up and convinces Ciel to let him keep her. (some how) but there is something she knows that they don't. She has a hazy past and doesn't want them to know because she's...

  • That Butler, Protective (Under Editing)
    148K 4.8K 14

    You vow to protect Ciel Phantomhive at the cost of your life but behind your back secrets linger about you, unusual dreams pierce your mind, and that butler is beyond human but always seems to take a interest in you. The First book is That Butler, Affectionate. My second part of my SebastianxReader books

  • That Butler, Affectionate
    62.6K 1.6K 4

    A Sebastianxreader fanfic!! Sebastian and Ciel check the Funtom company stocks and at the candy shop they sees you,young maid running errands and find you singing a lovely tune. Ciel thinks it as a nice song but his butler thinks so much more of you.

  • She is His Lady : Sebastian Michaelis X OC Love Story
    469K 17.1K 63

    || First Place in Sebastian Michaelis- 2017 Black Butler Watty Awards || The story follows the manga/ anime of Sebastian and his partner (OC), with short stories and sides. *Please be aware that there is spoilers in this story from the Kuroshitsuji manga, Black Butler Season 1, Black Butler: Book of Circus, and Black...

  • Black butler boyfriend scenarios (REQUESTS OPEN/EDITING NOW)
    1.1M 17.4K 82

    Characters include Ciel, Alois, Sebastian, and Grell!

    Completed   Mature
  • Sweet Little Butterfly (Black Butler fanfiction)
    183K 6.7K 26

    Young Earl Ciel Phantomhive has just sold his soul to one hell of a butler, but unknown to these two, a sweet little butterfly is coming over to visit. Can this stranger change their lives? We can only hope but no doubt this will be one hell of a story.

  • His Kitten - Sebastian x Reader
    1.5M 54.3K 17

    First Book: His Kitten - Second Book: That Kitten, Kidnapped - Third Book: His Kitten, Falling Down First place in the Kuroshitsuji category in the 2014 AWA's I was a maid that was left behind in the middle of the night left with no place to stay, until I ran into a very dashing butler and his young lord. The butler's...

  • Dimensional Suppression (Black Butler x Reader)
    167K 7.3K 12

    Book Two in the Dimension™ Series. You, the brightest and most intelligent young mind that has ever existed, had returned to your universe that was slowly falling apart due to your absence, but with one condition; The men of Black Butler had followed you into your world. Now, as you're stuck is this love pentagon, wi...

  • The Queen's New Pet (A Black Butler Fanfic)
    681K 28.3K 37

    Everyone knows who the Queen's guard dog is: Ciel Phantomhive. What happens when the Queen finds another pet, this time a sly kitty with her unearthly butler, and decides to make a team of the two? Excerpt from Chapter One: "Lady Maria Elrose, also known as the Queen's kitten." The butler's eyes widened a little bit...

  • ⓛoⓥiⓝg ⓦiⓣh ⓒoⓜpⓛiⓒaⓣiⓞnⓢ Black Butler X Reader-
    57.2K 1.4K 4

    Y/n l/n a 15 year old, upmost different girl. She's the queens prized possession, her Guard Lion, the king of the jungle or in this case the king of London. No she's none of the immortals that are mentioned often. She's a Vampire a successful one at that. What if the least expected people catch her non-existent heart...

  • Black Butler Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios
    983K 14.4K 80

    I refer to Grelle as a female in these scenarios hence why the title is Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios not just boyfriend.

  • Black butler boyfriend scenarios
    177K 3.1K 10

    Exactly what the title says. If you want to make requests go for it.

  • Dimension Traveling (Black Butler x reader)
    1.5M 51.2K 22

    Book One in the Dimension™ Series Young, brilliant, smart, and with a dash of sassy and sarcasm, you were the ideal girl that captured the hearts of the black butler men. One problem. You weren't from their world, not even the same dimension. You thought you were simply going back in time to study Egyptians near the...

  • The not so Innocent Black Butler x Reader
    127K 3.3K 33

    (Y/n)(L/n) is just your normal noble................WRONG! She's more than than normal, she's the queen's fang. Nobody knows WHY she was called the queen's fang only she, her butler and the queen knows. will anyone break the secret of the (L/n) family? and what would happend to poor (Y/n) if anyone know her little sec...

  • Black Butler x Reader
    161K 5.1K 35

    This is my first story sorry if I take to long to update it.