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  • Shooting Star ミ★ Warriors Fanfiction
    10.3K 1.3K 30

    StarClan - not an end of a cat's adventure, it is just a beginning... Once upon a time, StarClan was peaceful. Birds tweet with a sweet voice, adding its own melody to the clan full of peace and mysteries, of the stars, of the ancestors, of the world of wars and peace, of the world of ups and downs. Things chang...

  • Icefeather's Journey (Warrior Cat FanFic)
    79.8K 4K 30

    *thoroughly editing* Icefeather's story was a story untold - until now. She was beaten up, called names, rejected, and hated on for simply being different. Being a BloodClan warrior, the others expected her to be bigger and stronger. Everyone in BloodClan made her feel worthless... except for her idle, Scourge. When h...

  • Reedstar's Selfishness (Zombie Warrior Cats)
    156K 6.1K 51

    *thoroughly editing* Reedstar once had a terrifying dream of flesh-eating cats surrounding him as a kit. He thought nothing of it until the day he met one face to face. His selfishness drove him to kill others for the sake of himself. Flesh-eaters loom around every corner of the territories in SpiritClan, DarkClan and...

  • OCEAN MOON ༄ a warrior cats fan-fiction
    18.2K 1K 29

    When TideClan apprentice Brinepaw is suddenly gifted with the ability to manipulate water, he sets out to discover why. The truth, however, proves to be far more than he bargained for. With frightening knowledge of the disaster to come, Brinepaw must attempt to rewrite the future... or suffer the consequences. WARNING...

  • Warriors: Bumblestripe's Insanity
    149K 8.8K 34

    Something more powerful than the Dark Forest is about to cause disturbance within ThunderClan...and it's love. Bumblestripe has loved Dovewing forever. But after she rejects him for another cat, he wonders if there's any way to stop the pain that seeing her causes- and decides the only way is to get rid of her. A tale...

  • Warriors: Blossomfall's Reign(Sequel to WBI)
    80.7K 5.4K 34

    Major spoilers ahead. Please read the first book, Warriors: Bumblestripe's Insanity(WBI) first. Welcome to the sequel! A mysterious rogue has destruction planned for all the Clans. ThunderClan's new leader is this cat's main target. Will Blossomfall's Reign survive the rogue's threat? Will she be able to have the era...

  • Warriors: Nightpaw's Identity(Book 3 of the WBI Trilogy)
    17K 1.1K 14

    Book three of the WBI series! Please read the first two first. The tale of two brothers. The finale in a saga of murder and betrayal. A clash that will determines the legacy of the Clans. With the Clans on the brink of war, Nightpaw acts as Bumblestar's servant. Death and plotting seem to follow the ThunderClan leader...

  • Skyfall (Warrior Cats)
    616K 26.9K 53

    What if you had a secret? Young Skykit believes life is well as she is raised in the Clan of ThunderClan, where they all work together with peace and harmony. Or so it seems. As ThunderClan's deputy seizes power, Skykit is trusted with a secret from her Warrior Ancestors no cat would dare believe. Copyrighted 2014-20...

  • Skylight (Warrior Cats)
    202K 9.1K 40

    What if you had been chosen? As young Skypaw of ThunderClan continues to trek deeper into the mysterious prophecy, she stumbles into unexpected hardships. As she finds out the horrifying back stories of the cats closest to her, she slowly pieces together her devastating that betrays the warrior code and Sta...

  • Spark { Warrior Cats Fanfiction ; Complete }
    206K 8.6K 40

    Prophecies are works about journeys and saving clans via StarClan's designated cats. StarClan can't predict everything though, right? Sparkfur is hated by much of her clan. She's much more intelligent than any other cat, she's sassy, and an annoyance. They have half a mind to kick her out, but at the same time, they w...

  • THE STOLEN || OLD - being rewritten
    10.2K 786 40

    THIS VERSION OF THE STOLEN IS OLD AND IS BEING REWRITTEN! PLEASE READ THE REWRITTEN VERSION! <3 ---------------------------------- COVER ARTIST: pumpkabooo on Deviant Art SEQUELS: The Survivors THIS STORY CONTAINS: Gore, Animal Violence, Mental Illness, Triggering Themes ----------------------------------

    Completed   Mature