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  • Personal Soldier (Nathan Sykes Fanfic)
    12.8K 160 24

    Katrina Dawson is a strong, opinionated young woman who has taken it upon herself to follow in her deceased fathers footsteps to work as a Protector - a member of a secret national protection agency. Katrinas personality clashes with that of Nathan Sykes, a young, carefree and slightly arrogant son of a government off...

  • Insanity 》Sykes
    244K 9.7K 38

    "They say you're past help" He came forward then and grabbed the tops of my arms, pinning my back up against the wall. His face inches from mine, his eyes dark as he looked at me "Maybe I am, is that a problem for you?" "You're insane" He chuckled "Maybe I am insane...But maybe Insanity is just the beginning" ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Scarred and Left Me Like a Sunburn *ONESHOTS*
    5.2K 98 9

    A collection of oneshots that I've written as a part of the Scarred and Left me Like a Sunburn story. I'll upload them as and when they are in the story because most of them are linked to certain chapters, so I'll put a link with the chapter when they are uploaded. Some of them are written from Nathan's POV, which I f...

  • We Always Attract - Oneshots
    10.5K 151 9

    A collection of oneshots for the We Always Attract story, the sequel to Scarred and Left Me Like a Sunburn Warning: Contains strong language and sexual content. Disclaimer: I do not own The Wanted, any other artists mentioned or any songs/lyrics used in the Oneshots. I do, however, own any original characte...

  • Warzone [The Wanted Fanfic]
    113K 731 21

    Alexis Roberts lost the love of her life two years ago, but the painful memory still lingers with her. Nathan Sykes thought he found the one until she cheated on. With the success of The Wanted growing, he uses it as a way to forget about it. The two meet at a bar by chance, and hit it off, but what happens when the t...

  • A Simple Interview
    12.2K 317 18

    Emily Turner, a writer for the New York Times Paper, just though she was going in for a normal interview. She was called in to interview Mr. Nathan Sykes, CEO of men's fashion. His father gave him the company after retiring. Is this the normal interview she thought it would be, or will her life be changed forever? Thi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shift to Genuine - Nathan Fanfic
    17K 106 29

    When Nathan rescues Esmie from her absive sister - his girlfriend - she's soon to find out nothing is as it originally seemed. Will the pair ever make it through or eventually part and let what they have go?

    Completed   Mature
  • Hot Chocolate.
    8.7K 52 23

    It seemed right that Gloria Angelina Heart and Nathan James Sykes should be together, they had been best friends since reception and all the way through their lives. But after everything they go through, will they get together? Or will they just stay as friends, it is harder to say you love your best friend than to sa...

  • Summer Love (Nathan Sykes Fanfic)
    19K 651 36

    "Joanna's a dominican girl who's about to graduate and start college to study medicine, her life's about to change when she meets Nathan Sykes, a member of her favorite boyband, The Wanted, in a hotel in Dominican Republic, while he's on vacation with his family. They suddenly start a good friendship, but they soon ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Let me protect you
    10.7K 531 63

    SEQUEL TO IN MY EYES!! Elle thinks he left her for someone else. But he's only trying to protect her from her bad past. When Elle can't put up with being alone and she makes mistakes. Elle starts to change in a bad way not like nathan expected. Will he be able to see her like this...

  • Broken (A Nathan Sykes One Shot)
    1.3K 21 1

    A Nathan Sykes one shot about heartbreak, and the effects it has on a person. Warning: Contains self-harm

  • Mr Sykes
    18.8K 458 36

    Student/Teacher Fanfic really Elizabeth. 17. Student. Normal Life, well...atleast I thought...

  • My Step-what? (Nathan Sykes Fan Fic)
    24.3K 485 36

    Kara Lynn Brooks is your average 17 year old girl. She isn't the most girly person out there but she does enjoy wearing a nice dress every once in a while. She is a short height of 5"4, she has curly chocolate brown hair, and mossy green eyes. Her mother died when she was really young so she's closer to her dad tha...

  • But He's Your Teacher || Nathan Sykes
    167K 5.2K 36

    {COMPLETED} {UNDER EDITING!} Year 2014. A new start of Manchester High. A senior named Maddison Newman finds herself falling in love with the new algebra teacher. As for the teacher, he finds himself in the same situation. One day, they meet and instantly fall for each other. But what they don't know is, someone is w...

  • Love Hangover [Complete]
    17K 455 19

    Jessica Smith. Your average eighteen year old teenager who enjoyed a good time, just like the rest. Only she wasn't average. She was The Wanted's Assistant. She loved her job, though not as much as she loved Nathan Sykes. The youngest member of the band. If only Nathan returned the feelings she had, everything would b...

  • Famous- Nathan Sykes FanFic
    4.3K 95 26

    Annie was lucky to become close to somebody she's always idolised but does fame tear their relationship apart?

  • Over And Over Again
    2K 28 29

    Ever since I can remember I've dreamed of England. I never really know why England, I guess England choose me. Many said I would never make it. I always said I would prove them wrong. Now I have. But of course, faith had it's own plan for me . . . (first book)

  • Nathan and Sophie Oneshots
    27.8K 557 30

    Nathan Sykes (The Wanted) fanfiction Part of the Scarred and Left Me Like a Sunburn series. PLEASE READ Scarred and Left Me Like a Sunburn AND the sequel We Always Attract before you read any of these oneshots. Please note that the oneshots are not in chronoloogical order, just in whatever order I write and upload the...

  • Daggers in The Dark - Nathan Sykes love story
    25.8K 498 29

    Kaitlyn Tanner is one of the most trusted agents in the British secret service. She works alongside, the quite, yet hard-working Nathan Sykes. Although Kaitlyn tries her best to socialize with Nathan, he always tries to push her aside. When asked for reasons, he just blanks out and ignores her existence. Kaitlyn, not...

  • New Heights
    103K 1.8K 29

    Lauren never cared about The Wanted, never cared about getting a boyfriend, until she met Nathan. But now she's with him everything is changing. When she learns of some news that will change both their lives forever they are thrown upside down. What will they do? And can they overcome the ups and downs that come with...

  • Stranded (Nathan Sykes)
    6.4K 130 16

    I try, and I fail. My name is Ellie, I have a Hectic life. But there is this boy, he has done me wrong, but he has also done me good. He has a friend, He's done nothing but good to me. But who will I choose?

  • The Concept is Simple (Sequel to You're Crazy)
    90.4K 1.5K 29

    SEQUEL TO YOU'RE CRAZY. With Evanna finally having told Nathan the truth about herself, there's no more lies, there's no more secrets. There's only one thing now that Evanna really wants, and the concept is simple: Nathan. Little do they know there's still one more secret, but this time it's something that neither of...

  • The Boy Who Broke Her Heart
    25.4K 910 46

    ( a nathan sykes fanfiction) Amy Jackson had her life completely sane till the boy who broke her heart came back. ------------------------------------------ • was He Is Back • [ poorly written, cut me some slack it was years ago when I wrote this but it will be edited ]

  • Bad Love
    4.1K 188 28

    Sydney Connors is re starting life at uni in London, she thought her dreams had become true when she meets her idol Nathan Sykes. However Nathan isn't who he seems.Will they find love? And can it last with Nathans troubled past and Sydney's psychotic dad. Find out in this twisted love story.

  • I Dare You
    25.9K 919 34

    Sam Blake the coolest girl in school along with her friends. Average student. You can say she's kind of a good girl. She's known for her DJ skills. Music is her life. Music runs through her veins. But the only thing she hates is the school bad boy Nathan Sykes. He's a below average student, he doesn't give a fucking...

  • Messy And Fucked Up (Sequel To Sex Doll) {2015 Watty Awards}
    23.6K 740 35

    Nathan And Scarlet got back together and are now both looking after their 5 year old daughter Sophie-Lea. After Nathan proposes to Scarlet everything goes downhill and Taia comes back only to torture both of them and take advantage of their friend Jay so she can get to Nathan. Will everything be alright by the end or...

    Completed   Mature
  • When Nothing Matters - A Nathan Sykes Story (Sequel to APIT) #Wattys2014
    34.9K 675 35

    "To be honest, my life is like hell right now. I don't know why I did this to her and if I could turn back time I...I would do anything to make her stay with me. I miss her so much, nobody understands how much I do. I can't believe that she's reported missing." Nathan Sykes' life has spiralled out of control ever sinc...

  • A Picture In Time - A Nathan Sykes Story (Watty Awards 2013 Finalist)
    148K 2.1K 70

    ~WATTY AWARDS 2013~ She’s young, hard working, living her dream. She inspires and lets herself inspire. All in all she’s one of the youngest and most talented photographers on her way to become famous. But Stephanie hasn’t the intention of being famous, she just wants one thing – making others happy. That’s what she d...

  • 3 am 》sykes
    20.9K 932 14

    "A lot of things can happen at 3 am" © Keeleigh_Saunders