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  • #BoysDoCry
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    All there is to know about the campaign #BoysDoCry! Feel free to leave any questions/comments/concerns you have and they will be answered.

  • What is SmartAndUnique?
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    To learn and support #SmartAndUnique Please read.

  • What Is #ProjectNoIsNo?
    3.6K 334 2

    Learn more about #ProjectNoIsNo (or #PNIN) here!

  • What is #EveryVoiceMatters?
    1K 119 5

    Everything you need to know about the campaign.

  • Stop Social Media
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    A more detailed description of the #StopSocialMedia campaign and my reason for beginning this campaign. More info on how to support the cause and what there is to come inside.

  • What is #BreakStereotypes?
    14.2K 1K 2

    A guide to what the campaign #BreakStereotypes means.

  • The Safe Love Campaign
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    Find out everything to do with the Safe Love Campaign here.

  • What Is #AllHaveWeakness Campaign?
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    All you have to know about this campaign, right here.

    4.7K 335 7

    Open the book to find out more information about us.

  • The S.K.I Campaign
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    What is it- The S.K.I (Society Kills Individuality) Campaign. Has formed to help stop bullying and judging, and to tell people to be themselves, without caring about society's remarks. Society is Killing the teenager and we are here to prevent further damage. We always struggle with what's acceptable in society and w...

  • #ProjectBreakFree
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    Things that you may want to know about #projectBreakFree