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  • Best 5SOS Books
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    These are books that I have read that are really good. So I think you should read them too. Started:September 8,2015

  • cinnamon ♡ lh [discontinued]
    4.1K 176 22

    it's just nothing, no strings attached. we simply sleep in one bed sometimes. or share a ladder but... it's nothing. just a project. right? right...? well, fuck. what the hell am i doing. ♡♡♡ "it's a slow cinnamon summer, your spell is pulling me under" ♡♡♡ dropped because of a sudden audience (readers) drop

  • Books I Love
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    Just some books I have loved reading so far...

  • Body Goals (malum)
    4.1K 230 16

    "Pretty hurts." "That's for girls."