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  • Roommates (Frerard fanfiction) COMPLETED
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    Gerard Way (24) is looking for extra money to produce his music. What happens when the famous musician Frank Iero (22) shows up looking for a room to rent? Read to find out.

  • instagram ; f.g ✔
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    ❝ @geeway commented on your post: damn baby you looking hella fine @frnkiero replied to your comment: sleaze ❞ {started 2 july, 2017. finished 9 aug, 2017.} ©prettyiero all rights reserved. a ferard/frerard fanfiction

    Completed   Mature
  • webcam ; f.g
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    ❝ unknown number: when are you taking the tape off of your webcam? unknown number: i miss ur face :-( "what the fuck?" ❞ ©prettyiero all rights reserved. a frerard fanfiction.

  • You're a Mind Fuck, Babe
    576K 22.2K 69

    Frank Iero makes a comment that he probably shouldn't have and gets stuck in detention with his fiery psychology teacher, Mr. Way.

    Completed   Mature
  • I Think I Like It
    62.4K 94 1

    The story of how Frank Iero totally doesn't love his English teacher, Mr. Way, and how that English teacher may or may not totally not love him back. (originally posted on (All credits to canadianhannah on archiveofourown) ( original link )

    Completed   Mature
  • Cybersex •frerard•
    47.3K 2.9K 12

    "I understand. I could only imagine how traumatizing it must've been..." Dr. Way said sadly. I laughed at his stupidity. "That was the least traumatizing moment out of this story..." I admitted. "Would you care to share the next moment?" Dr. Way smiled brightly, making me smile shortly. "Well, I just wanted a friend...

  • Here's to the Heartache (Frerard) *Slow Updates*
    249K 12.6K 45

    Frank Iero is a mess - plain and simple. He isn't living, just surviving, and even though no seventeen year old should feel this way, he can't seem to snap out of it. Frank knows his life is going nowhere, so he wastes his nights away at the local bar, drowning his problems in a drink and hooking up with anyone that...

  • Best Frerard Fanfictions
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    A list of the best of the best! I'm pretty picky, so.

  • Some Rad Frerard Fics You Should Totally Read
    82.4K 1K 23

    Some of these aren't completed and some of them have just been started but these are some of the best Frerard fanfics I've ever read (not in order)

  • The Best Frerard Fanfictions On Wattpad
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    the best shizzle on this website

  • Punk Rock Attitude and Hopeless Hair
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    |Completed| Gerard is placed in a group home with four other kids. He's been through so much for a 17 year old. Picking up the pieces to already broken heart and mind will be more difficult than what others thought. After losing his parents to a fire, Frank was moved into the group home three years ago. He's 19, has n...

    Completed   Mature