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  • The Arrow of Light | A Percy Jackson Fanfiction
    211K 10.8K 34

    Book One of the Astra Windlass trilogy. Before Kronos perished, he left an item behind to his remaining followers that could resurrect him once more. The Arrow of Light, which can be shot down to the depths of Tartarus and bring back an entrapped soul. But there is a catch; it can only be shot by a Daughter of Artemis...

  • The Lethe (A Percy Jackson Fanfic)
    2.1K 101 10

    Annabeth and Percy finally got the life they never thought they could get. Live to an old age and get married. So watch as our favorite couple, relives there memories, dies, and chooses to reborn forgetting each other and there love in order to be reborn. Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! All rights and characters belong to...

  • The Demigod Games (A Percy Jackson/ Hunger Games Cross Over)
    1.1M 29.3K 44

    What would happen if the all of the Gods' and Goddesses' half blood children were reaped into an event like the Hunger Games to prove the strength and their worthiness to their parents? Who would be reaped? Who would survive? What challenges will be unleashed? 18 Tributes. Only one can live. May the Gods be ever in yo...

  • The Demigod Selection
    335K 14.2K 75

    " the old gods were dying " Shadows had followed Annabeth Chase her entire life. They leaked into her dreams and chased her out of her home, causing her to run into two others, Thalia Grace and Luke Castellan, who had the same shadows. They form a small family fueled by secrets and running. But after both Annabeth and...