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  • Daughter of Death and Gold
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    REWRITE OF 'Daughter of Hades (a Avengers/ Percy Jackson Crossover)' similar idea, names and such but will be written better and have a better flow to it unlike Daughter of Hades which was choppy and rushed. Is based on the books. (Which I finally was able to read for the last year it was like everyone was reading th...

  • Unknown
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    Marvel Universe. She is frozen forever in time. Never to grow old. Cursed with life even though she desperately wants death to claim her. But. She made friends, claimed friends. But now even he has forgotten her. Her and their past. Now no one knows anything about her. Age: Unknown Name: Unknown Relatives: Unknown ...

  • The Daughter of Hades (Avengers/Percy Jackson Crossover)
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    This is only here to show the difference between 12 year old me and 17 year old me. Read it if you wish but I'd prefer it if you read the Rewrite, The Daughter of Death and Gold Love, Kisacatdemon (Read and find out) All I WILL say is it's a Thor x Oc and that it is a Avengers-Percy Jackson Crossover/Fanfiction Stat...