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  • Seaside Paradise
    112 22 2

    "The cure for anything is salt water, sweat, tears, or the sea." Anna Wood is not your typical good girl. She surfs, she swims, and her passion for the ocean is indestructible. When a terrible accidents causes her to loose everything she once loved and had, it is up to salt water, sweat, tears and a billion heart...

  • The Best Part of Hello [sample]
    858K 21K 48

    Kayla's senior year trip is supposed to be the icing on the cake. Good grades, a perfect boyfriend, and a future she's always imagined. But when their plane emergency stops in Rome, Italy because of a record-breaking storm, sixty seniors have to learn how to adapt. But in an airport not prepared, a language barrier an...

  • The Vapours
    2.4K 137 13

    "She lives under a rock and she doesn't know it." Leila-the virgin rock dweller-, Jan-the hyperactive extrovert- and Ciara-the um... seasoned one- survived their lives as one, they're spending their last summer together at Jan's aunt's. The Vapours, the on the rise Alt Rock band, is the least of Leila's problems. The...

  • Gotta Love The Brits (On Hiatus)
    56.6K 3.3K 38

    Gotta Love the Brits Two boys, one girl. Two Brits, one American. By: THERUNAWAYCHILD Caroline has been on the roller coaster of her life, when her heart and mind are telling her two different things, what must she do? Join her in this hell of a ride of emotions, problems and experiences as she learns to love and...