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  • Asylum||M.Y
    190K 11.9K 28

    "my body, heart and soul I know that it's all yours This is a spell that'll punish me" Pic credits: google.

  • My Cruel Husband 2 || Jeon Jungkook
    7.1M 359K 47

    In which Jeon Jungkook returns to his old self which is... neglecting you. ======================================= SEQUEL to My Cruel Husband ======================================= Was #1 in Fanfiction. Thank you readers!

  • My Cruel Husband 1 || Jeon Jungkook
    15.2M 636K 48

    In which Jeon Jungkook agrees to marry Song Taehee(you) because of some reasons. She's happy. While he isn't. She does everything for him. While he does everything for another woman. ======================================= Was #3 in fanfiction. Thank you readers! ======================================= Note: Due to t...

  • Cannibalism •• BTS [COMPLETED]
    142K 7.5K 19

    Who will be the next victim....

    Completed   Mature
  • killjoy || jjk
    1.8M 178K 51

    a computer game can't hurt anyone, right? highest rankings: #23 in mystery/thriller #20 in horror #73 in fanfiction cr. taenology || 2016

  • Enigma 2 || Park Jimin ||
    442K 36.8K 21

    Will you believe it if I tell you that I fell in love with a ghost who I have no memory of? I don't believe it either. STARTED: 23rd July 2017 ENDED: 29th October 2017

    Completed   Mature
  • Theatre | KTH
    236K 10K 32

    He's rude , mean and unpredictable, what could happen ? @Taemeaway

  • Enigma || Park Jimin ||
    711K 50.9K 26

    Never have I thought that a reoccurring dream could actually mean something. My dreams made me believe that something horrifying and unexplainable was really happening on the second floor of our large two story house. A spirit wondering around up there? It sounds ridiculous but I can't deny the fact that...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Unexpected Roommate - kth✔
    463K 19.1K 14

    『People Change, Don't They?』 When a new girl attends a boardingschool, things didn't turn out as she had expected. Especially the fact that she's sharing a room with a boy named Kim Taehyung. (Taehyung X Mia (you) Highest ranking #659 in fanfiction Do Not Copy! Plagiarism Is A Crime! ©Huyanyan | 2015 [Completed]

  • SEX YOU one | bts
    3.1M 125K 34

    Angels have wings. Demons have horns. But what do fuck boys have?

    Completed   Mature
  • 24 hours | kth
    1.5M 77.4K 27

    Status : COMPLETED Best ranking: #25 in fanfiction Chaemin, a very smart, decent girl gets locked in a mall for a day with Taehyung, an extremely reckless and indecent boy. Her hatred for him is obvious, but can she survive 24 hours without chopping his head off or worse...falling for him. ✨ If you'd like to watch the...

  • The Bad Husband •• m.y.g + k.n.j [COMPLETE]
    337K 20.6K 58

    [marrying you was utter bullshit!]

  • Adopted••K.T.H [COMPLETED]
    143K 6.3K 15

    [Don't adopt me]

  • Obsession | MYG
    566K 22.3K 24

    But the monster is close behind , hes obsessed . Obsessed with me .

  • chubby → taehyung
    3.7M 194K 55

    how does it feel to weigh more than your boyfriend? © ZAREEN H. KIM TAEHYUNG TIGGER WARNING: death, violence, eating disorders. 「#STOPBODYSHAMING」 「STARTED: 17th December 2015」 「ENDED: 19th December 2015」 「#46 IN SHORT STORIES 21ST D...

    Completed   Mature
  • You're mine (GOT7 JB)[Completed]
    218K 6.6K 35

    And then the time came when I had to choose between two "deaths" for me.Should I let my father lose his job or marry a man I don't know? {Sequel will be coming soon} ©All rights Reserved @AnsbkGc Do not plagiarize or copy the storyline please.

    Completed   Mature
  • math | jungkook
    2.2M 105K 19

    "I'm like pi baby, I'm really long and I go on forever." in which jeon jungkook likes to annoy and tease his math teacher.

  • His Personal Maid
    2.1M 70.3K 38

    Do you think being a heartless-rude-most arrogant boys' maid is easy? Oh, No. It's Deceptively awful. ---------------------------------------------- I didn't copy right. If there are any similarities to any other stories then it is definitely coincidence.

    Completed   Mature