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  • Winter Air [H.S.]
    6M 164K 71

    They weren't expecting to fall in love. Their pasts prohibited it. Yet fate and the cold winter air had other plans. Opportunities will arise that will cause both to make the decision to either let love go or fight for what they want-- each other. [Harry Styles AU] All Rights Reserved © jhildey | 2013 || COMPLETED Th...

  • The Accident. [h.s] completed
    1.8M 34.6K 57

    A one night stand with Harry Styles leads into much more than just sex, but an unexpected pregnancy too. Emery White was shocked to find out that she was pregnant, and even more shocked when she realized that Harry Styles was the father. She decides not to tell him so she wouldn't jeopardize his career. Somehow she al...

    Completed   Mature
  • 24/7 [h.s.]
    16M 436K 111

    "Listen to me, princess. I've had enough of your attitude. We're both in hell here. So either suck it up or shut up. Do I make myself clear?" -- Emma Winston never expected her father to become President of the United States. When she got accepted into her dream school she never expected to have a secret service agen...

  • baby girl // j.r.
    74.9K 1.7K 18

    "I'm Jesse by the way." "I'm Desiree." "Such a pretty name for such a pretty face." *drugs,sex, self harm and abuse are used in this story. If you are uncomfortable with any of these subjects do not read this book.* Started November 7th 2015

  • Wicked Games » h.s
    2.8M 90.4K 37

    "No sweeter innocence than a gentle sin." Sequel to Nude [Book 2] // © 2016 Qveendom. All Rights Reserved. Highest Rank: #28 in Fanfiction

  • Nude » h.s (#Wattys2016)
    10.2M 278K 54

    "There is a little bit of devil in her angel eyes." [Book 1] // © 2014 Qveendom. All Rights Reserved. || Editor: @lola7909 || Highest Rank #1 in fanfiction

  • The Other One {Harry Styles AU}
    777K 28.4K 77

    Book One (complete). Haunted by the suicide of her older brother, Maddie Turner's life is in shambles. Her overbearing mother pushed her into acting when she was a child, and Maddie has spent the last 8 years playing herself in the biggest sitcom in America. Maddie knows who everyone expects her to be--that tv version...

    Completed   Mature
  • things that make me sad
    292 8 6

    here's some things that make me sad. enjoy.

  • Daddy issues || h.s
    4.7M 133K 55

    If you were to mention her name in a locker room, or in a girls bathroom, you would always get the same look and smirk sent in your direction. Because she was an urban legend. Someone people told their younger siblings about when they wanted to brag about how awesome it was to be a teenager. The details and the ending...

    Completed   Mature
  • Yes, Daddy • Calum Hoody
    1.1M 24.2K 19

    "Do you know what happens to bad girls?" "Yes, Daddy." warning: this book has freaky shit *lower case intended*

  • Bitter ⇒ zayn malik [au]
    388K 13.2K 26

    ❝If I were to be pushed into the middle of the street and a car was headed directly towards me, I don't know if I would move or stay; and that thought scares me everyday.❞ - © conditions cover by the lovely @sweaterlou

  • Ten Sins || #Wattys2015
    13.3M 549K 202

    "I'm a monster!" he shouted in my face, his veins popping out on his neck. I tried to hold my tears but failed, all these months of patience and anger caused my body to shake, my heart was pounding so loud in my chest that my blood was boiling in my veins. "No Harry! You're not a monster!" I cried out loud, my che...

    Completed   Mature