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  • Randomness of tododeku and katsudeku
    1.1M 23.5K 121

    Just random shit of tododeku and katsudeku. Including: Memes Fanarts Smut fanarts I don't know what else to add, it's just enjoy~ Aug 29, 2017 - Dec 3, 2017

    Completed   Mature
  • Boku No Hero Academia Dumb
    214K 8.5K 25

    Load shit of bnha Sep 25, 2017 - Dec 3, 2017

  • Reader x Crush One-Shots {OLD}
    105K 1.3K 37

    ➳ One-Shot/Imagines of you and your ideal crush <3 ➳ Please do not steal, this is my work, not yours. ➳ A remake is on its way due to people wanting me to keep the original. ➳ Thank you to everyone who helped me to reach 45k+! ➳ Highest ranking: #200 in Romance & #11 in crushxreader ➳ Process: REMAKING ➳ Remade: ht...

  • Crush x reader (oneshot collections)
    50.4K 992 12

    i made these stories for you guys to read and have inspiration. since i was always day dreaming. i decided to share it. and i hope you enjoy and share it to your friends :). its my first time making these stories though.

  • Diabolik Lovers One-shots
    96.6K 1.8K 21

    A book of Diabolik Lovers One-shots. Obviously lol

  • Zodiac Signs
    3.8M 160K 252

    Anything about your zodiac sign! It might be spot on or totally different, who knows? What is your sign? (I get a lot of these from Tumblr, I don't take credit for any of them.) I will try an update every week, 3 to 4 times a week, depending on how I am feeling. I am a Gemini!!

  • Diabolik Lovers Oneshots
    127K 2.3K 88

    I don't own them, Please vote, comment and request anything!

  • Kingdom Hearts One Shots
    179K 2.8K 40

    These Are Kingdom Hearts One Shots Written By Me! Complete :) go check out the sequel Kingdom Hearts Oneshots Book 2 HIGHEST RANK - #2 In Kingdom Hearts

  • Unexpected "Hello." {Neku Sakuraba} {The World Ends With You}
    4.8K 169 5

    Weird how anime characters are actually real. I've got my hands occupied here, and trying to find out how in the world did the TWEWY cast get here, on Earth and in my house, violating my stuff---RHYME! BEAT STOP EATING MY-- Gotta go, bye.

  • SSB/FE oneshots(#Wattys2016)
    120K 1.9K 89

    SSB4 and FE one-shots Finished: December 18, 2017

  • Dangan Ronpa Minecraft- Extras Book!
    410K 10.6K 39

    Trivia, Polls, Art, Quizzes, Free Time Events, Unused Executions and more in an extras book for Dangan Ronpa Minecraft!

  • Dangan Ronpa Minecraft
    1.3M 31.3K 42

    Sixteen popular minecraft youtubers are forced into a mysterious, dark mansion by Herobrine himself. All windows, doors, and other escape routes are all blocked, providing no way to sneak out. The only way to escape? Kill one of your peers and not get caught. Who will survive this game of murder and mystery?

  • Red X Reader: Winter makes me a sleeper
    54.3K 1.4K 10

    What happens when (Y/n) goes up Mt. Silver to collect a sample? Well, she meets an old friend. one whom she always wanted to hug again. Type of book: Chapter Song fic Song: Winter Makes Me A Sleeper By: Young Heretics

  • Pokemon Boys x Reader
    41.2K 486 4

    This will eventually become a vast collection of Pokéboys x Readers. I am completely open for requests. I seriously suck at lemons though so if I ever try that expect a really bad one. Also the art on the book cover does NOT belong to me, they belong to their respective artists. Remember I do not own any of the Pokémo...

  • Pokemon Academy High (pokemon trainers x reader oneshots)
    23.5K 386 4

    First of all it's @AshlanJames (hopefully I spelled that right...) idea! now it's boring summary time! XD - - - - (Y/N) a smart young girl attending the famous Pokemon Academy High School in Viridian City where the best trainers, coordiantors, (etc). From the Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos regions. (Y/N...

  • Pokemon Anime x Reader
    281K 3.8K 45

    I ship you with characters from the Pokemon Anime. Requests always open. Some chapters contain... mature themes. They are marked, if you feel uncomfortable, don't read. There are plenty others for you to enjoy.

  • The pack preferences!
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    Completed   Mature
    17.7K 716 11

    Just the pack texting each other off recording, nothing much.

  • Hearts | Undertale x Reader
    63.4K 2.2K 22

    [Undertale x Reader] * There is another one of these collections of the famous game "Undertale" with the reader in it. * It fills you with determination. - - - Undertale © Toby Fox • Mainly one-shots but drabbles, 2-3 parters, imagines, scenarios and many more can be requested. • The reader has no gender unless stat...

  • Skycest
    6.5K 276 5

    Hello, I have returned from my long absence and have started a new story. I may finish the other setodil story, but I haven't been able to think of anything for the plot of that one sooo..... yeah, you may wait forever on that. lol I'm so sorry, I've only written stories for school, and that one I wrote at like 2:00 i...