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  • Tangled How To Train Your Dragon Version
    1.4K 56 5

    "This is the story of how I die." "TOOTHLESS! GET BACK HERE YOU USELESS FLYING REPTILE!" "Oh my Thor! This is amazing! I never want to leave here!" The HTTYD characters are thrown into the story of Tangled! Exciting adventures and plot twists! And not to mention lots of HICCSTRID! (Note: both events from HTTYD movies...

  • The White Wolf and The Black Mate (Hiccstrid)
    34.5K 789 10

    Hiccup and the gang are all werewolves and they're all in the same pack. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the III is the next alpha for his tribe, The Night Furies.  The only person not in this tribe is Astrid. She is part of the Nadder's tribe, that is until her parents decide to move to a different tribe...

  • Hicstrid Stories
    17.9K 461 12

    Who doesn't like a romance story. What would make them better would be to add two characters that we love and care about and dragons. While reading these short one shots about the cutest couple in the world, Astrid and Hiccup, you will experience the love that they have for one another, their home, their family, the...

  • Love or Foe?
    3.9K 178 16

    Two islands that once were allies but when Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third defeated the Red Death and made peace with dragons. Berk and Rever they went to war. The chief of Revee thought and convinced every one that Berk was going to take over every island with the dragons, but he was awfully mistaking. The youn...

  • Hiccstrid - Sprinkle Some Jealousy In The Mix
    12.9K 420 12

    A sequel to "A Drop Of Protectiveness...Oopsie!". Heather visits the gang on berk and brings along with her a friend. But their fun time is cut short when the Mindbender returns with a new strategy. This time, it doesn't just affect one Viking, oh no. This time, its plan brings a whole new level of fluff and cuteness...

  • Httyd oneshots
    59.2K 1K 19

    Please read my stories about the httyd gang and our favourite couple HICCSTRID!!!!!! Please leave request but no flames !!!!

  • Hiccstrid One-Shots
    433K 7.4K 105

    These are some Hiccstrid one-shots I created. Most are set in RTTE but I will try and tell you where. Some of them are my ideas of how they should or will get together and just some normal Hiccstrid fluff in the middle. None of them are connected and the only ones that are, have parts to them (apart from the Truth or...

  • Hiccstrid One shots
    14.1K 272 11

    So this is basically a rewritten book of my Hiccstrid One Shots since someone deleted it for the second time don't blame me o though. Going back to the main topic, this book are just filled with One shots and please don't steal my ideas

  • To Infinity and Beyond (Hiccstrid)
    7.8K 447 33

    Hiccstrid fanfic

  • Love stays strong
    7.3K 291 40

    Hiccstrid love story for all Hiccstrid shippers with LOTS OF PROTECTIVE HICCUP over Astrid. Basically Drago returns and Astrid gets in a lot of danger and its up to Hiccup to protect her. And the cover of this book is my edit btw ;)

  • Love Is War (Sequel To Gone)
    112K 2.1K 30

    It has been two years since Berk and dragons were brought together. Hiccup heardly talks to Astrid and when he does, it is either something small, or to answer a question, or just to instruct her during training. Astrid has been trying to talk to him but he manly shuts her out. All the teens know what went down two ye...

  • Wanna be with you forever-hiccstrid
    4.2K 97 5

    Just a Hiccstrid story

  • Hiccstrid Oneshots
    56.8K 1.3K 22

    Hello! This is my first oneshot collection and it's based on Hiccup and Astrid from the Dreamworks films How To Train Your Dragon. Feel free to comment or PM any ideas you have for this ship and I'll include them! Enjoy! (I am not the rightful owners of these characters they belong to the HTTYD author and the film a...

  • Ask and Dare Heather and Astrid
    63.7K 1K 56

    Ask and dare Heather and Astrid!! All characters belong to Dreamworks besides from my OCs

  • It's About Time
    2.1K 73 1

    After Astrid is healed from the Scourge of Odin, Hiccup decides it's time to confess his feelings to her.

  • Hiccstrid Drabbles
    57.3K 1.2K 43

    This is a hiccstrid drabble book, YAY! I will update it when I think of something cute. ;3

  • Finally Caught
    10.4K 185 2

    They have been keeping it a secret for four years. And they planed to keep it a secret for a while more. But the gangs curiosity got the best of them. And the best of Hiccup and Astrid. Find out what happens when the gang find the two lovebirds in a very peculiour situation that demands their explanation and Snotlout...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fall of Us
    144K 4.5K 46

    It's been five years. Five years of amazing life here in Berk. It has been five years that Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the III changed the way they live now. Yet Hiccup hasn't completely changed everything. Since he was a gangly nobody, he has his eyes on a paticular girl. That girl too had her eyes on a boy. But when a...

  • Into the Archipelago(HTTYD one-shots)
    9.8K 386 19

    This is a collection of one shots that are based off of the How to Train Your Dragon movies and shows. Please enjoy and I'd be happy to receive ideas. I don't own anything.

  • We Meet Again
    71.7K 2.4K 24

    Updated to Chapter 3: One Song It's been four years since I left high school. I'm in college now hoping to become a P.E. and music teacher in Berk, the village I grew up in. For my last year I got job experience in Berk high school. My old school, now I'm back and learning about the past.

  • One shots of Hiccstrid
    3.2K 50 7

    Hiccstrid one shots. Read it. fluff.

  • Race To Save The Edge
    7K 109 9

    With Viggo Grimborn having his hands on the Dragon Eye Hiccup and Co. need to use all the brain and muscle power to out think and out fight their greatest opponent yet. Will Dagur help Viggo or Hiccup? Will Hiccup and Co. defeat Viggo? Or will a villain finally prevail over the likes of Hiccup and Co.? The real quest...

  • Rockers Love Story (Hiccstrid) (Watty's 2015)
    414K 7.3K 51

    I saw her standing there, in the crowd. She looked so beautiful. I wanted to see her again, but how when your on tour? I'll find her again, hopefully, if music can bring our hearts together once again. Hiccup is a major pop star. Astrid is a normal high school student who crushes on the all time celebrity. She get...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hiccstrid One Shots
    276K 4.9K 33

    Hiccstrid and httyd one shots.

  • Dark Night
    2K 63 1

    One-shot. Set in Viking Time. After Race to the Edge but before HTTYD 2. When a guy wants Astrid, Hiccup gets protective.

  • Hiccstrid one shots
    2.6K 74 2

    (I DO NOT OWN ANY HTTYD CHARACTERS) This is where I will post all my hiccstrid one shots Enjoy :)

  • Love Tutor (Hiccstrid)
    156K 5.7K 82

    I'm just a simple guy, who got a girlfriend, who broke my heart. I tried forgetting her, but I still have her memories with me in my heart, that I want to forget, but I still loved her, and I would do anything just to bring her back. Until I met this girl in school, she's just a girl, wearing glasses, and being ignore...

  • Sold to the one
    60.9K 1.8K 18

    Astrid is a military baby and she lives with her father there all her life. One day her day is killed along with a bunch of other parents and she along with other girls are taken away to America to get a fake citizenship and be sold as a slave. She gets sold to Hiccup and they fall in love.

  • HTTYD one shots!
    16.6K 255 8

    This book is going to have a heap of one shots in it. They will probably be short but that doesn't matter! Send me suggestions in the comments and like!