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  • Wonder Writers Book Club [CLOSED]
    33.7K 2.2K 56

    « More than 200 active members » Every writer is a warrior. Are you an undiscovered writer who sacrificed everything to expose your work? You've done the Read for Read deal, yet you don't feel like anyone is reading your work, despite that high number of reads glowing beside your book? Then you've bumped into the righ...

  • The Ambassador Program
    1.2M 15.4K 5

    The Ambassador Program is comprised of a global team of Wattpadders who are strongly passionate about connecting readers & writers through storytelling. They live, breathe, and share Wattpad with the world, one step at a time. If you want to learn more about the program, and how to apply, this is the story to chec...

  • How I Started Writing
    44.1K 1.7K 1

    Dan Brown shares with Wattpad users what influenced and inspired him as writer from a young age through to his professional career today.

  • Write Better, Write Happier - Writing Tips, Wattpad Tips, Get Reads, Get Votes
    224K 21.3K 70

    Enjoy your writing! ☺ 2022. Help from a Watty Award-Winning Author, Wattpad Creator, and long-tenured Senior Wattpad Ambassador. Fresh updates periodically! High ranks: #1 Nonfiction, #1 Critique, #1 Tips, #1 WritingTips, #1HowTo ☛ Writing Tips and Tricks ☛ How to Be a Happy Writer ☛ How to Promote Your Story on Watt...

  • The Best Books on Wattpad
    7.9K 464 33

    Are you searching for a nice book to read with a cup of coffee in your cozy bed? Do you want to know about amazing authors and their amazing books and their story behind their success? We recommend you a lot of exceptional books which have made to win 2017 E-awards and are categorised as best E-books written by best...

  • Inside Scoop
    34.3K 383 23

    Every week we will let you in on our thoughts, opinions and everything else related to writing. We hope that this can be of help for some of you!

  • Emmiie: Writing Tips.
    31.1K 422 7

    Tips for aspiring authors.

  • Wattpad for Dummies
    1M 5.3K 27

    A 'Step by step'-guide on how to get the most out of Wattpad.

  • The Complete Guide to Writing in English
    59.5K 818 8

    This is a guide for people who want to make their writing technically correct, or who want to know what to look for while proofreading.

  • Edit like an Editor: A Wattpad Featured Guide ✔
    194K 12K 111

    *A WATTPAD FEATURED GUIDE* *Highest Ranking #5 in Non-Fiction's HOT List* *Ranked #1 in #how-to, #1 in #editor, #1 in #publishing, and #1 in #grammar* • Do you find yourself with too many typos? • Do grammar and spelling tools not always find your slip-ups? • Is English grammar just not your thing? • Are you a victim...

  • Writing and Grammar
    46K 1.6K 13

    Tips to improve your writing and avoid common grammar mistakes.

  • A Guide to Grammar
    1.6K 45 9

    Your grammar is trash.

    38.6K 1.5K 17

    "My experience with BGBC has been nothing but positive. Since I started with this club, I've gotten more reads in a few weeks than I had in months. When I saw BGBC in my recommended, I checked it out with the intention of finding a way to get more reads, but I've gotten so much more than that. I've gained votes, posit...

  • Gem Awards 2018 [ Closed ]
    39.1K 2.4K 42

    Entries are closed We are looking for undiscovered gems in wattpad. If you think your book is worth winning, then what are you waiting for ? Check Inside !

  • Blank Sheets [A writing group] Closed
    3.8K 209 5

    Blank Sheets is a writing group specially designed to motivate writers as well as create a platform for interaction and feedback. I decided to make this group when I realized there weren't many writing groups on wattpad and the closest thing to them were book clubs. Book clubs take an extreme amount of time and dedica...

  • The Bicycle Awards (JUDGING)
    6.8K 722 26

    (Highest ranking: 617) Are you tired of being at the bottom? Well the wheels could turn for you! The bicycle awards celebrates the greatness of books that are often unnoticed. The judging is fair and prizes are worth winning. Come, join the bicycle awards. Who knows, you could win!

  • The Fish Awards | 2017-2018 [OPEN]
    9.4K 605 23

    "Out of all the fish in the sea, you're the only one for me." +++++++++++++++++++++ Do you think your book has been free-floating through the ginormous ocean that is Wattpad? (WRITING ENTRIES NOW CLOSED) Do you think your graphic skills are "lost at sea"? Fear not! Because The Fish Awards can reel you back i...

  • The Mandela Effect
    419K 24.2K 143

    So, I have a conspiracy theory book, which these were originally meant to be a part of, but I realised that there was way too many...

  • Conspiracy Theories
    324K 13.6K 38

    Conspiracy theories that might change your views on things. Note: You will need some internet connection, because there are a lot of videos and images which will be included, to provide evidence

  • The Butterfly Fly Away Awards [CLOSED]
    12.7K 750 9

    Do you love writing? Would you like to see your book get an award? If the answer is yes than you came to the right place! There will be weekly and monthly writing contest hosted by me!!! And all you have to do is enter for a chance to win a "Butterfly Award".

  • Book Center's Summer Awards~|CLOSED|~
    9.1K 720 32

    Hey there, I've decided I'm going to host a summer awards contest? Come on in of you are a new author, or an experience Author!!! Categories include: Random, Action, Adventure, Chicklit, Historical Fiction, Humor, Horror/Mystery/Thriller (all one category), Non-Fiction, Werewolf, and General Fiction. There are other...

  • The Rebel Elite - Book Club
    86.3K 13 4

    Welcome to Rebel Town, where all them outlaws cause this uproar. If you tend to stir up trouble, welcome, we like them wanted! Currently recruiting, become a rebel and join in the riot! This is a place to be free, to express and to inspire. The main goal here is to support each other in all and any endeavors, be it...

  • Best UNDISCOVERED Book Awards
    17.1K 1.8K 40

    For all those undiscovered writers out there! Join this contest to uncover your book and get it out there! Thanks so much to @Crystique for making this awesome cover!

  • The Fiction Awards 2017
    321K 1.3K 3

    The Fiction Awards are back! All writers. All languages. Bigger and better than before. Let the competition begin.

  • Writers Juice
    559K 26.3K 200

    Welcome young Travellers. To a book of much inspiration. As the saying goes this book is designed to get 'your creative juices' flowing. Among my travels for information for my other books. I have found many ideas, which would be great details to books, or even better, inspirations to books themselves. The book wi...

  • Read For Read
    392K 4.7K 7

    DON'T POST IN THE RULES SECTION! This is a place to share your stories and read mine. All constructive criticism is welcome. Please share, but only one story at a time please. Good luck and please be nice. Thank you have a great day. READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING YOUR STORY, PLEASE.

  • Project The Undiscovered Info And Fun Book
    4.9K 567 31

    Everything you need to know about Project The Undiscovered is all inside this book! There'll be a mix between interviews, Q+A's, facts, games/quizzes and much much more! Warning- There'll be a whole lot of fun and attention-grabbing chapters inside! Have fun and enjoy! --- Cover by @Crystique

  • Undiscovered Author's Competitions (Closed)
    4.1K 336 25

    Competitions for all authors with under 15k reads, you can simply sign up by commenting inside and there are many prizes for the top 5. You can submit your own story or someone else's it doesn't matter. Enjoy! --- Cover by @Crystique