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  • 𝐁𝐔𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐓 ✔️
    1.9M 65.4K 48

    Isabelle is a hard-working woman. She is a freelance photographer, and damn good at it, making a killing from photographing weddings. Her heart has been broken enough times that she has finally accepted that the only time she will see it again, is through her lens. Well... Until the best man at one of the most extrav...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha Maximus The Last Lycan
    816K 3.5K 3

    Has been Ranked at number 1 in the Lycan Genre and number 1 in the Fantasy Fiction Genre!!! Alpha Maximus of the Blood Moon pack is the last of his kind, mateless and shunned by the werewolf community and unable to control his Lycan making him a bigger threat to all around him. He is shunned and disliked even by mo...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lonely God
    15.1M 612K 65

    ❝I think he is attracted to her. Look at this beauty. Which man wouldn't want to keep her for himself? After all, ruling alone for such a long time he must be in search of a queen.❞ He's said to be the first creation of the moon goddess. The lone wolf, Arles. The king of all wolves. An immortal. A god. They say he...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Maid's Guide to the Mafia
    7.5M 262K 50

    "In a world overtaken by the mafia, there can only be one king." ---------------- Alister Mancini. His name alone was enough to make anyone's blood run cold. Infamous for his heartless and cruel ways, he was considered the most dangerous man alive. But even a mafia leader couldn't deny his attraction when he saw his m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Deeper
    31.1M 932K 75

    In which I fall in love with my brother's best friend. ***** I thought that my brother was the most popular guy in school, but as soon as I step into my university life, I realize how wrong I was. Meet Vaughn Cooper, his best friend. The guy is the epitome of every girl's dream. Godlike handsome. The quarterback. He's...

    Completed   Mature
  • His cute, little, innocent wife | ✔ |
    1.1M 36.5K 63

    Tale of the love story of- Xavier Sinclair & Amelia Thompson. He is a billionaire. She is also a billionaire's daughter. He is ruthless. She is kind. He is a playboy. She never in her life have got her lips locked ever. He had eyes on every girl. She had eyes for him only. He was tempted by her innocence. She was t...

  • Rooming With Royals ✔️
    7.2M 252K 33

    Highest Rank #19 in Fantasy. Four guys , hot guys rooming with you and that's not all , they're princes. Supernatural princes. As if that wasn't enough , I might as well have feelings for one if them. But he'd never notice a girl like me. Afterall , he's a demon prince soon to be king and I'm a normal human; aren'...

  • My Mate Is A Vampire King ✓
    657K 20.1K 32

    Valentina used to be the Alpha's daughter but her father died in combat with his Beta and now he's the Alpha. Her mother and herself are now the lowest rank of the Blackclaw Pack. The Alpha treats them like dirt and the rest of the Pack follows right behind him. One night the Pack is attacked by Vampires and mostly ev...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vampire's Pet
    44.1M 1.8M 87

    The world had gone to hell long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire Lords made a consecutive agreement. The rich and powerful humans could survive just as they had been, untouched by the vampires save for the occasional blood collections, or so they thought...

  • My Best Friend's Brother | ✔
    12.1M 324K 56

    He was her best friend's brother. She was his little sister's best friend. He was a player. She had a crush on him. --------------------------- Ariel has always liked her best friend's brother. She knew that he only thought about her as nothing more but his little sister's friend. They had a great friendship regardles...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Vampire Next Door
    13.1M 391K 36

    He had spent centuries with only himself for company, he fed, tortured and killed that was his life and he liked it that way, until she came along and stirred something in him, something he couldn't and wouldn't accept. “If I were you I’d keep that stake sharp. Don’t expect anymore visits like this, next time I come I...

  • Valentin and Rojo | ✓
    1.6M 37.2K 39

    PREVIOUSLY CALLED "Adriana Valentin" - Her family was the most dangerous family in all of New York. Her father, Alejandro Valentín, being the most vicious mafia leader. And right along his side was, Luciana Valentín, her mother. She had 2 older brothers, Mateo and Santiago. All her life she was protected, from everyt...

    Completed   Mature
  • Keeping her
    614K 16K 46

    Tragedy are things that we can't stop and imagine in life. Kyzha's life is full of mystery and lies, she always kept in the dark without even knowing that her life is all lies. She bumped into something that she could not think that they are something that can fill her life into happiness and pain. Little did she know...

  • King of The Vamps
    2.7M 89.3K 47

    In a world where vampires have taken over, humans are treated like dirt underneath vampires' feet. Humans are considered inferior to the vampires. They treat the humans awfully and force them to abide by their laws. Once a year, King Ulric, king of the vampires, chooses a different town in the U.S to pick young girls...

    Completed   Mature
  • Undeniably | ✓
    12.6M 263K 79

    | Highest ranking : #3 in Teen Fiction | | Highest ranking : #20 in Romance | | Highest ranking : #1 in Teen Romance | (Undeniably in love with the bad boy - shortly known as Undeniably) "Grayson. . This isn't right. What if my brother finds out?" I stressed. He placed a chaste kiss on my lips, "That's a risk I'm will...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bumping into Mr Bad Boy
    106K 2.2K 30

    When two really different people bumped into each other on a random Tuesday, something will most likely happen right? Meet Avery Salo, the unnoticeable nerd in school. Meet Jayden Collins, the popular bad boy. <><> People say that opposites attract like in every love story. Let's see if it's really true.

    37.8M 1M 78

    Cali's life turned upside down when her new next door neighbour Kyle Knight came crashing in to her life. He was possessive, easily jealous and misunderstood. He was sensitive, loving and kind and everything Cali needed in her hectic life. Even when things went rough around the edges, Cali knew she had someone to sof...

  • Innocence
    5.5M 130K 41

    "So goddamn tiny," He muttered to himself, making a blush rise to Freya's cheeks. "I am not," She defended herself quietly. "You're just huge." ~🎀~ Freya Karol was the epitome of innocence. She was small, sheltered, and fiercely protected by her millionare father. Going out after 8pm was a no. Drinking alcohol or do...

  • Madam Mafia
    12.8M 334K 88

    Rose Amor is the school nerd. She wears big black glasses and keeps her long black hair in a ponytail. She stays out of drama and keeps to herself. She knows that's the only way to hide from her past, so she's happy like that. No risks = no trouble. Ryder Brown is the school's new student, soon to be the schools, bad...

  • The Caramel Hair Nerd
    2.2M 57.7K 31

    As soon as I entered my room I was slammed against a wall beside my door. A whimper escaped my lips due to pain in my back. There was no need to look who it was I knew his cologne it smells like fresh soil in forest after rain. His smell just hypnotises me. His hands were on either sides of my head,trapp...

  • Labeled
    4.6M 87.9K 34

    **Brother's Best Friend Romance.** [[[NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON AND KINDLE UNLIMITED!]]] When you grow up in a small town like Great Meadows, you learn to create your own entertainment. You can either spend your time getting high, partying at the field, or working on cars. For Veronica Russo, there's a certain solace fo...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Badboy Is My Bully |✔️
    5.6M 35.9K 9

    { Lily Collins } is a nineteen year old sophomore college student who's trying to get through without any problems. But it's proven difficult as her long time bully attends the same college. A bully she couldn't help have undying feelings for • • [ Asher Grey ] is a nineteen year old sophomore college student. He's a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Gang Leader's Angel {Completed}
    19.1M 625K 34

    In Jacob Hunters world there is no place for innocence. Becoming a gang leader at the age of 19 he was forced into a position he never wanted in the first place but a year later, he's embraced it completely by becoming the ruthless, menacing leader of the 'Scorp' gang. His life is all guns and no play. At least it was...

  • His Best Mistake (Devils #1)
    30.8M 875K 50

    When a one night stand leads to an unexpected pregnancy Sofia Smith doesn't know who to go to. she tried to find the man who got her pregnant but he is nowhere to be found 6 year later, fate brings them together Joe "Devil" Collision is the boss of the biggest dangerous mafia in the world, he has no time for romance...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Nerd Next Door
    32.7M 1.3M 62

    One thing, just one little thing Julie had to do to have a... Let's say decent... First day at her new school... Don't. Draw. Attention. First impressions mean everything. Just one little screw up and she knew that she would have to wish her junior year goodbye. So she decided to stick to this one grand rule that woul...

  • The Light To His Darkness
    9.2M 232K 50

    In which Mason James finds himself falling for the innocent and naive girl named Lily Rose. When Lily's parents decide to put her in public school, she runs into a bit of trouble. Luckily the schools bad boy, Mason, comes to her rescue. With Lily being so pure and Mason being so sinful, they immediately have a liki...