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  • The Original Wife [Elejah]
    201K 4.3K 20

    AU after 3x14 - Elena gets sent to the past to try and stop Esther from killing her children. What happens when she returns...will she have the answer? Elejah main pairing. Klaroline, Kennet and Stebekah

  • The Auction [Elejah]
    52.7K 1.3K 13

    The Mystic Falls girls find themselves in New Orleans doing an event, they find themselves being auctioned off to some unexpected people. Will feature Elejah, Kennett and Klaroline.

  • Forever and Always [Elejah]
    5.9K 158 7

    This is only a short story based on a a few songs. Elena and Elijah are in New Orleans with the rest of the Mikaelson clan.

  • Decisions to make
    13.9K 342 15

    Post season 4 finale. Silas is really at the bottom of the quarry(thank god). But what happens when Caroline and Elena learn that Bonnie is dead? And Bonnie is mourning but finds comfort in someone...not very comforting. And when things can't get anymore confusing with the to vampire girls residing in Mystic Falls, tw...

  • Tylena
    4.1K 99 4

    Tyler and Elena are together since Mason came into town.

  • Kol and Elena
    6.9K 149 3

    Elena and Kol are best friends have been for years only the originals know who Elena really is. She was born in the same year as the originals. She is an original. After Klaus put Kol to sleep in his coffin Elena bolts and doesn't see Kol again until the night of the Ball. It's a Kolena. Klaus and Elena friendship.

  • Elejah
    90.2K 2.7K 42

    Elena confesses her love for Elijah, which he reciprocates. But will they be torn apart?