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  • The Alpha Academy
    893K 27.5K 52

    "No matter where you run, I'll always be at the other side, tesoro," he softly whispers. My eyes slowly close as reality sets in. He was right. I could never run away from him. I feel him walking behind me, getting closer and closer with each passing second. He leans forward and dips his face inside my hair. A low...

  • Billionaire's Mate
    715K 20K 16

    Kathleen 'Leena' Rogers had always been an outcast. Some people said it was because she was left handed. Others said it was because she looked Native American. She always ignored it though, growing up used to the bullying of not only peers, but authority figures as well. She assumed that was how her life would be unti...

  • Josephine's Secret
    705K 29.8K 42

    "I don't want to be your mate." she tells me. "Why don't you want to be my mate, sweetheart?" I ask, wincing when she growls at me. "Don't fucking call me that." she snaps. "Why?" "Because I can't be Luna." she whispers. Just for a split second, I see pain in her eyes, but the emotion disappears as soon as it came. "Y...

  • The mafia and his lost queen
    6.7M 27.4K 33

    Sophia is a penurious, troubled girl fighting her inner demons and caging monsters, trying to run away from her past life as much as she can, however far that she can but finds every road ending with a blockage, finding every path with a stop sign and nothing but dead ends. Not giving up and still pushing all of her e...

  • The Alpha King's Mate
    19.1M 482K 33

    "Y-your H-highness? I-i'm sorry b-but t-there m-must b-be a-a m-mistake..." A loud growl sounded through the whole ballroom causing me to start shaking and a whimper to escape my lips. This caused the King to stop growling. He pulled me to his chest and yelled out to the whole ballroom. "MINE!" Audrey is an Omega in...

  • Ink | Soulmate AU | ✓
    854K 41.7K 31

    [A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY] If you touch your skin with ink, the marks you make will appear on your soulmate's skin too. Those who have this power are known as the Inked. It can be beautiful or dangerous, and for twenty-year-old Archie, it's both, in a very short space of time. As an art student at a prestigious u...

  • The Alpha and The Submissive (GirlxGirl)
    438K 7.8K 18

    Taylor a submissive werewolf finds out she's the Alpha females mate. Not only is this surprising she also never considered being with a girl. Will they work it out? Will the Alpha female accepts a submissive as her mate? Read and find out

  • A Vampire's Pet #1
    5.6M 169K 46

    Gwen's just waiting in disgust for the day she'll get bought by a vampire. The day she'll get a master of her own like all the other humans who have been sold. ~ The Pet Shop is founded and run by vampires, who take whoever person - human - they want from their homes to sell. Unfortunately Gwen was one of them at t...

  • Isabella Lestrange
    986K 27.1K 90

    She was born in the evilest prison ever created. She was taken away only after a few minutes of breathing. She was the only daughter of the wickedest woman alive. She grew up knowing about all the horrors her family had acted upon. She was gifted an extraordinary gift that only members of her family could possess. And...

  • His Unwanted Mate
    13.1M 315K 46

    "And what are you to me?" He was mocking me. "Your mate." I answer. Chandler rolls his eyes and chuckles. The chuckle sends shivers to my skin. In a heartbeat, Chandler was in my face, a little too close. I could smell peppermint when he started speaking. "Sweetie, You're my unwanted mate." {Note: yes I know t...

  • Alpha Alcander
    22.1M 629K 58

    [#1 in wearwolf 6/8/17] "Come on Jenna. Just one word." He taunt. He gripped my wrist in one hand and trailed his hand down my side to my hips. His hand went under my shirt and rested on my skin that sent sparks through my body. His finger did designs over my skin while he continue to nibble on the spot of my neck. "...

    Completed   Mature
  • Perfect Scars
    17M 606K 61

    When a case of mistaken identity leads to an innocent girl being kidnapped by a gangster, will one man bent on revenge push them together or destroy them? ***** Hayden King and Violet Smith couldn't be more different. While he was a feared gangster, she was a simple college student, a deli...

  • A Crown of Bones
    1.8M 94.6K 61

    A teen monster will stop at nothing to get power, even if that means eating the forbidden fruit that will forever bind her to the keeper of death itself. ***** After rejecting the Wolf King and refusing to be his docile, powerless bride, Korin escap...

  • Troubles Of An Alpha's Mate (ON HOLD)
    129K 5.3K 24

    Sequel to My Alpha Mate, cannot be read as a standalone and must read My Alpha Mate. ~~~ Eighteen years ago, Valerie and Greyson Anderson were warned that their children would have war placed heavily upon their shoulders. As parents should, the Alpha couple have risked their lives countless of times to assure their ch...

  • To Love A King
    490K 20.5K 35

    (THIS WORK IS COMPLETELY UNEDITED, I WOULD SUGGEST READING THE GREED OF WOLVES INSTEAD UNTIL THIS BOOK HAS BEEN COMPLETELY READ OVER) One of his hands skims down my arm, while the other holds me in place. Keeping me close. While he does this, his now darkened eyes never leave mine, they hold me captive just as much as...

    13.7M 451K 51

    When you live in a world where your financial status determines the outcome for your life, fear is all one knows. Scarlett Madison, a young werewolf, faces life in the sectors because of her family's poverty. With no hope at advancing into a high-status pack, Scarlett makes one mistake that takes her down an unc...

  • 30 Nights
    277K 13.6K 34

    Highest ranking #9 Vampires | Underneath London's biggest cemetery, lies a secret only the dead can keep. Because London's oldest clan of vampires has been playing a secret game underneath the crypts for centuries. Each game lasts as long as one moon cycle, and only the brightest and best humans can compete. It's rar...

  • Her Protector
    194K 5.6K 17

    She didn't say anything as she exited the bathroom. What could she say! Uh, you're right, I thought you were going to kill me! Ha, come on, like she would really say that! As she closed the door and turned around, she came within inches of Emrys' face. He happened to startle her, knocking her against the door. "Oh E...

  • The Alpha Instinct
    2.7M 134K 46

    Grace has spent the past two years locked up and held prisoner by Kellan and his rogues. Now that she is finally free she wants nothing more than to return to her pack and deal out some swift justice for those who had betrayed her. Except it's not quite that simple and Grace's enemies have other plans for the young A...

  • Big Bad Alphas
    5.5M 183K 51

    (Complete) Eric's lips brush mine, a slow, light action that already has me hooked. A comforting warmth engulfs my body, spreading from limb to limb like wildfire. His sweet lips move delicately with my own, the caress of his lips softer than I could have imagined. It is over too soon as he drifts away. "Now was that...

  • Fin's Claim
    4.2M 224K 122

    This time around the story concentrates on Fin and Victoria and their ill-fated mate pairing. Unaware of Fin, Victoria suffering under a father who hates her very existence and starved of affection, Victoria has a dalliance with another male and Fin discovers this. The male in question was his twin brother Grey. This...

  • My Shy little Mate
    155K 3.1K 7

    Jay Adams ☆ Powerful Alpha feared by all wolfs. Oldest of three brothers. Hard heart, very protective. Only one weakness. Her. Hazel Lockhart ☆ Shy girl with a big lonely heart. Human turned werewolf. Youngest of two brothers. Only one weakness. Him.

  • The Warriors
    543K 20.6K 19

    THE WARRIORS second instalment to The Immortals- Lila wakes up after being in a comatose state for six years. Everything has changed, the demon Octaves is long dead, and the life she had before the "curse" has crumbled to ashes. Everything has changed of course, except for her insufferably, attractive mate, Caine. So...

  • His Flower Princess
    330K 10K 29

    Jada Madison is a young werewolf that lives for the simple things. She loves her friends and family, nature, and more than anything Jada loves beautiful flowers. Gideon Malack is the ruthless Alpha of the Blood Moon pack. He was known to be merciless and cold, and managed to make several enemies over the years. He se...

  • Bite Marks
    447K 25.1K 38

    #93 in Werewolf 4/26/2017 #1 in Werewolf 1/9/2020 Cassie has spent her whole life fighting. Fighting for attention from her emotionally absent father in the aftermath of her mother's death. Fighting to stay sane in an abusive relationship with her husband Jason, and fighting to keep all these things from affecting he...

  • Alpha King
    262K 7.3K 11

    "Hello Alpha King Sir, I was assigned to clean your room." I bowed slightly. "Stand up." he commanded, his tone serious. "Do you smell that?" I asked as I looked around the room to locate the smell. I didn't find anything so I turned back around and The Alpha King's eyes were as red as blood. "Mine!" he yelled and too...

  • One Night Stand with Billionaire: BOOK 1
    22.9M 559K 44

    PUBLISHED WORK!!! 30% OF THE STORY HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN. Available on Amazon in paperwork and PDF (KINDLE) format. You know those kind of stories where you go to the holiday, meet some guy and have a one night stand? Well, I am not that kind of girl. I did have a night stand, but not on holiday, nor for fun. Bu...

  • The Alpha's Breeder ✔️ COMPLETE
    19.6M 686K 57

    After being kidnapped by a group of vengeful werewolves, Emira finds herself in one hell of a situation. Her true soul mate is a Cardinal Alpha who is hell-bent on keeping her. And, to make matters worse, she only has 6 moon cycles to be 'marked, mated, and pupped'. What does that even mean? . . . Snippet : "It has t...

  • Bad Girl Turned Princess #Wattys2016
    119K 6.5K 22

    One lucky girl is going to become royalty. She's prepared to fight the competition for her prince's heart, if only she could stay out of trouble long enough.