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  • Goddess// Rebekah Mikaelson
    332K 7.7K 48

    NOT EDITED This is a girlxgirl story. If your not cool with that then leave.... please (I realize that seemed rude) Oh yeh there will be smut Summary The goddess Mania was struck down to Earth. Cast out of Zeus's holy sanctum. Still full of power, she lands in Mystic Falls, Virginia. Mania has never been to Earth...

    Completed   Mature
  • That Singing Vampire --Chris Motionless
    5.2K 221 16

    Andromeda Williams is an ordinary human. Well, to other people that's what they see. But in reality, she's got "badass witchy powers" or so she calls them. That's right, she's a witch. She lives in her apartment alone in Scranton. Which just happens to be the time Motionless in White who comes back from touring to do...

  • She Who Must Not Be Named //The Avengers//
    129K 3.7K 16

    "You've kept yourself hidden very well Tethys, or do you prefer Kali?" I heard a voice in the shadows. I looked up from my icy throne and gazed into the darkness enclosing me. "I'm hidden for a reason, I don't come out to play." I voice, for the first time in decades. "Well that may change," The man responded walking...

  • Her //Jacob Frye - Assassins Creed Syndicate//
    11.6K 248 18

    When the Scottish Assassin Isla Jerco comes to London she meets a twin. Jacob Frye to be exact.

    Completed   Mature
  • High School (5sos fanfic)
    1.6K 76 19

    Naomi and Hanna are best friends who share a love for 5sos. What happens when a normal day at high school changes there life forever?

  • Parks and Recreation (Ben Wyatt fanfic)
    20.6K 321 6

    Naomi Brandanawitz works in the Parks and recreation department in Pawnee, Indiana. When two business men coming with budgets to cut she didn't expect one of them to be extremely attractive and fall for them. But hey who knows what could happen? She works with Leslie Knope.

  • A Silas Fanfiction
    86.1K 1.8K 19

    A musician moves into Mystic falls. She is a witch and a powerful one at that. The most powerful witch of all except Silas of course. Her name? Eleonora Adkins. She is a young musician trying to make a living of music and runs into a supernatural hotspot. When Silas comes to town He feels attracted toward her. He doe...

  • Supernatural imagines
    168 6 2

    Request are open

  • 2 girls and 4 band members
    93 4 7

    Naomi and Hanna have been fangirling over new band 5 seconds of summer since the beginning. Now Hanna has won 2 tickets to see them live and has backstage passes to meet them. They are so excited the can't wait will the band members fall for them? Will they fall in love back?

  • Witches?!?
    25 1 2

    Naomi is an ordinary girl that lives with her grand mother. Her mother left her when she was a baby and her father is dead. She has a secret that no one knows, not even her self. She goes to a new high school, Wonder wood high. She meet s new friends a potential love Interest and discovers more about her past.

  • Unexpected
    1.1K 35 8

    Nanael is an angel... Literally. She moves to Mystic Falls to get away from her family. Now that she has a fresh start she can be whoever she wants to be. But when Klaus Mikaelson comes to town. It doesn't according to plan...

  • //Winter// Bucky Barnes
    2.6K 33 5

    Phoebe was abandoned as a young child and has always had the fear of being left alone. Most people are afraid of the monsters under their bed, spiders, clowns, death... But being alone didn't just scare Phoebe it changed her entire life. Phoebe Miller is now a tough brave and independent girl who happens to have sup...

  • Another World //Bucky Barnes//
    19 1 1

    Read and find out

  • Love on the other side ( Kol Mikaelson fanfic)
    16.7K 412 11

    Ivory Jones is a clairvoyant meaning she can talk to the dead and have visions. While she goes to high school and has no friends she runs into a certain dead vampire. Kol Mikaelson.

  • Angels (Supernatural fanfic / Castiel)
    578 34 6

    Grace Parker is a fallen angel. Way before Castiel came to Dean, back when there biggest problem were demon possessions. Grace got involved with them working on a case. Then Castiel pulled Dean from perdition and he doesn't expect to see another angel with them. Especially one he had a romantic past with. But the past...

  • Bing? //Friends Chandler Bing fanfiction//
    281K 5.2K 15

    What if Monica and Ross had a sister? What if Chandler had fallen in love with her instead?

  • Not Again //Kol Mikaelson//
    120K 1.9K 22

    Anastasia Volkov is a 900 year old vampire. She's stayed with the Mikaelsons through everything, until Mikael finds them in the 1700s.they take off and Anastasia is alone. Until she meets the Salvatore's. she ends up staying them and they became her new family. Kol, who has been locked in the coffin for 300 years f...

  • Barry Allen / The Flash imagines
    88.5K 1.8K 9

    Requests are open

  • Forever Young ( Kol Mikaelson fanfic)
    100K 1.6K 10

    Naomi is a bartender at the Mystic Grill and is on her own. Her parents kicked her out when they found out she had done something horrible. Now she lives in a small apartment alone and serves alcohol for a living. Naomi knows everything there is to know about Mystic Falls vampires, hybrids werewolves. She keeps it to...

  • Bones Sister // Jack Hodgins
    268K 4.5K 31

    Naomi Brennan is Dr. Temperance Brennan's sister. She gets called in when her sister finally gets stumped on a case. While on the case she meets Jack Hodgins... the case isn't the only thing she has her eye on. Cast- Naomi Brennan- Blake Lively Temperance Brennan- Emily Deschanel Seeley Booth- David Boreanaz Jack Hod...