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  • P&L 1: I Can't Say I Love You
    216K 1.9K 15

    A sickly teenage girl's plan in life makes a full turn when an arrogant womanizer moves into town. *** Living her life to the fullest, Khyacee Joel has always been ready to face the afterlife, but her wishes and plans change when the annoying and arrogant transferee shakes her world. Can she still spend every day in b...

  • P&L 2 (Part 1): My Goddess Gangster
    242K 265 3

    With a void in his memories, a teenage boy seeks answers from a dangerous transferee. *** Kyle Dominique yearns to fill the blurry memories from his past and answer the questions in his life. But when Princess Ysabelle transfers to his school, is he ready to face the dangers and possibly the reality he never thought e...

  • P&L 2 (Part 2): Married to a Gangster
    181K 15 2

    A newly-wed couple discovers that there is more to their dangerous past from what meets the eye. *** Sharing the promise of forever, Kyle Dominique and Princess Ysabelle dream nothing more but to be forever happy. But when an unfinished business resurfaces to cause havoc, can they still have the forever they wish for...

  • P&L 3: Forever with You
    52.1K 11 2

    A love story of a stubborn girl and a deceiver takes a rough stop when a threatening world emerges. *** Growing up as a rebel, Judie dreams to be free and spread her wings. But falling for a pretender has turned her world upside down. Is she willing to gamble her heart and safety with the uncertain? This story is writ...

  • P&L 4 (Part 1): Make Him Fall For Me
    95.6K 197 3

    Unbeknownst to a rising actress, the bet with a famous actor stirs an unwanted romance and drama. *** Kayleigh Hernaez is deadset on achieving her goals--to be a successful actress and to receive her family's acknowledgement. But when paired with the famous hearthrob she dislikes to the core, can she create chemistry...

  • P&L 4 (Part 2): Making Her Mine Again
    252K 18 2

    Seven years after leaving everything behind, a bachelor crosses paths with his first love, only to discover a secret that turns his life around. *** After achieving his dreams overseas, Rayleigh returns to the Philippines for a final project and a resolution to move on from his long-time heartache. But when he meets t...

  • P&L 5: One Last Dance
    3.8K 211 10

    A drunken night and a childish dare change Miracle's life in the most unexpected way. *** Miracle Khaylo only had one wish in her life - to be freed from her father's overprotective walls. And at the end-of-year party, she finds herself involved with the university's bad boy. With her debutante celebration coming up...