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  • Welcome to White Pine Ranch
    10.1K 770 25

    "White Pine Ranch. Six months." That's the verdict Riley Lewitts receives after she's accused, tried, and found guilty for attempting to steal a horse. It's a lighter sentence than she expected. White Pine Ranch is a rehabilitation center, both for troubled mustangs and troubled teens, but something darker lurks bene...

  • DARK KILLS (Editing)
    5.1K 1.4K 23

    The safe serenity of the small town of Framlingham is shattered when a teenage girl is found dead in the woods. A single murder shatters the atmosphere of bliss as dark secrets unravel. Young Annette Moreau moves to Framlingham with her family. But sometimes, evil always has its way. Nothing would ever have prepared A...

  • Nonexistent
    16.8K 1.8K 46

    HIGHEST RANK- #5 in Science Fiction (6/23/16) Would you give up everything you've ever loved for a world that never even knew your name? Be an unnoticed hero, almost nonexistent... Rogue 33 is a powerful Deviant devoted to the military, the government, and the nation of Valburn. Confident that every aspect of...

  • The Werevampire
    6K 227 4

    I was panting out loud as I ran up the stairs, and made a sharp turn towards Anna's room. My heart was beating wildly in my chest as I opened Anna's door. I cried out in terror as that lunatic was there in the doorway, no longer grinning. How did he get there so fast? His head was tilted slightly to the side, watching...

  • The Price to Pay
    8.8K 680 38

    *Completed* *Not fully edited* Adeline Winters, a young rebellious teen in High School, who enjoys giving not only her teachers a hard time but her father. She wants nothing more than to leave school life behind and start her vacation with her loyal best friend James. Everything seemed normal for the both of them unti...