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  • The Two Alphas
    30.5K 1.4K 36

    ✨✨(CURRENTLY DISCONTINUED)✨✨ Kira is the daughter of the Alpha in the Silver Valley pack. Every year there is a blood ceremony where younglings are given the chance to become a true member of the pack. Kira finally gets to participate and take up her rightful place helping her father. But what happens when she meets...

  • Beauty & the Wolf
    1.2K 50 5

    ⚠️ Mature Language ⚠️Mature Scenes "You're just a princess, and I'm bad for you. You don't want a guy like me Rain. I'm going to reject you, and you're going to get over it." His words were venom as he spat them at me. I could feel his breath tickling my face as he spoke, goosebumps traveled down my back and wrapped a...

  • Hunters' Shadow (Book one of the Hunter Chronicles)
    157K 8.9K 79

    Hunter's Shadow... Twenty Six year old Blake Hunter is the Alpha of the largest pack in the region. Finding his mate is the last thing on his mind. But, in the midst of dealing with uninvited relations, aspiring future Lunas and increasing rogue attacks on his eastern borders, a young woman stumbles out of the forest...

  • Stronger
    643 30 4

    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── After a rebellion against her father ends his life, Kalila must survive in the pack that was soon to be hers. With few friends and even fewer allies, she must find a way to stay under the radar from the new Alpha and take back her pack, all while staying away from her mate. I'd like to gi...

  • The Alpha's Summit
    5.8K 558 22

    NOTE: This is completed but unedited. It will be going through major changes soon including with plot and character changes. Once it is all changed, a notice of Completion will be added! Thanks! Sins and Secrets Book 1: "How do you think all your little Alpha buddies will feel," he hissed, his hot, rancid breath whisp...

  • The Ritual To The Beast | ✓
    4.8M 149K 47

    Emery Aiken has always lived in a mysterious and eerie village. Growing up with folktales about a fictitious creature being whispered around the campfire. Never once believing a word said. Thinking it was all just a hoax while the other girls prepared for the ritual that takes place every 20 years. What is this pecul...