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  • Re-encounter (Milex 2023)
    110 9 1

    Alex and Miles have intentionally not seen each other for years, aside from the social events to which they both have fortuitously concurred. The end of the TLSP tour ended their brief and intense relationship. But, have they gotten over the breakup after so long? After The Car release, Alex is touring with the Arcti...

  • Someday
    556 27 5

    Alex is not falling for Miles #8 in Milex!!

  • Reading Through [Milex]
    7.6K 393 25

    Miles takes a liking to a librarian, things take an unexpected turn when he happens to see the same librarian in a gay bar Inspired by a prompt from Content Warnings: - human trafficking (NOT romanticized) - sexual harassment (verbal and physical) - homophobia

    Completed   Mature
  • Pattern ||Milex||
    2.8K 91 8

    It's 2016: The Last Shadow Puppets have just released a new album called Everything You've Come To Expect, and it has climbed the charts. The leader of the band, Alex Turner, is going on a tournée with his best friend Miles Kane. Everything's great: they have a great friendship based on trust and funny jokes... and a...

  • playboy shit|| MILEX
    5.2K 139 4

    Alex is in need of some help and Miles seems to be right there in time..

  • Lavender sweet. || Milex.
    5K 103 10

    Alex is a bit 'dramatic', but Miles doesn't mind putting up with it.

  • When can you come back again? [MILEX] +18
    4K 105 14

    Alex is one of the owners of Tranquility Base, a prestigious four-star hotel on the outskirts of London. On a summer morning, Miles arrives to stay, bringing with him a dark lifestyle he is determined to leave behind. In Alex is born a strange need to protect this unknown person who unknowingly reminds him how empty a...

    Completed   Mature
  • AND A THIRD MAKES IT EVEN (An Alex Turner Fanfiction)
    18.3K 321 20

    Miles Kane and Alex Turner- friends, and partners in crime. It is no secret amongst friends that they sometimes share their lovers, but they've never been in love with the same woman before. Now the duo find themselves enamoured by the same lady, and something's gotta give. P.S. This story began as a birthday gift f...

  • Mystery of Love
    1.9K 55 11

    Alex Turner and Miles Kane have always loved each other. But love isn't as easy as it sounds. As complications, confessions, and hook ups arise, their feelings towards each other get more and more complex. But it's Milex, and if there's a pair of people that can never be separated, it's them. (story can be found on AO...

    Completed   Mature
  • Complementary Colours.
    573 26 1

    What is love? [Part of the project "A Certain Romance", a collaboration with other writers. Please read the other one shots included in the reading list.]

  • musings.
    945 50 1

    Alex's thoughts about Miles

  • All You Need Is Love
    460 24 1

    For 'A Certain Romance' Collection.

  • Love, We're In Stalemate
    795 34 2

    Short Milex drabbles/oneshots because I don't have it in me to stick to one story line.

  • Shadow Play
    14.3K 346 12

    Alex Turner is a shy aspiring writer new to the city and just trying to get his feet on the ground. Miles Kane is a well-established photographer, fashion icon, and playboy looking for his next muse What happens when they meet in a darkened night club? Will it be love at first site or are they headed for disaster?

  • If Tomorrow Never Comes
    56.5K 2.9K 48

    Miles and Alex go to college together, and become best friends. But where to draw the line between friends and something... more?

    Completed   Mature
  • Colors (An Alex Turner/Miles Kane fanfiction) (Milex)
    11.9K 409 19

    Love can be the best thing you've ever experienced, or it can be the worst. One minute it's blue and the next minute it's pink. When two very different colors combine will it be beauty or chaos? -------- Alex started off as a naïve college student, only focused on his grades and his future job as a professor. He th...

    Completed   Mature
  • baby blue 。 milex
    17.8K 857 18

    the boy who was misunderstood grew up to become blue. miles wants to figure out why. ↳ milex (alex turner + miles kane) ─ © seokist 2016

  • The Bad Thing ; milex
    32.2K 1.2K 40

  • Baby came home. {One Shot}
    615 22 1

    Alex and Miles weren't compatible.

    Completed   Mature
  • Jealousy in technicolor. {One Shot}
    828 35 1

    "Oh darling how i long to become your loved one."

  • Flourescent adolescent. {One Shot}
    736 34 1

    "Those Turner and Kane kids, 'causing trouble again."

  • Unexpected. {One Shot}
    1.6K 38 1

    A smutty one shot about exhibitionist Alex and Miles. Aka a christmas gift for my boyfriend.

  • 14. {One Shot}
    801 21 1

    A Valentines day cliché-ish one shot.

  • Won't you feel warm with me?
    326 8 1

    Pack after pack he throws away empty, trying to convince himself maybe it's the smoke, lodging in his lungs, lazy. It has to be.

  • Desire Starts to Make Demands
    739 19 1

    Miles wasn’t sure what to think. He couldn’t control the way his heart swelled when Alex touched him, even if it was only for a second. Or how his stomach flipped when Al looked at him, even if it were during a normal conversation. Surely he couldn't be falling for his best mate.

  • Fish out of Water
    5.2K 259 18

    Currently taking place in 1991, Miles Kane is a writer from London who moves to California for a new start on his career. Though, there is much more in store for him! Miles meets a naive, shy mermaid named Alexander (Alex). Their slow building relationship becomes more and more close as well as intense throughout the...

  • Why'd you only call me when you're high? {One Shot}
    1K 31 1

    "The number you're trying to contact isn't available, try again later."

  • Sugarcoated.
    17.3K 790 17

    He's the shy guy at class. He's the professor. What could go wrong? Trigger warning: DD/LB content.

  • Friends. {One Shot}
    814 43 1

    [Very short] Alex finds himself quite in love with his 'Friend'.