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  • Fnaf Art! [OLD]
    8.2K 1.2K 42

    Ready to be amazed by the cringe? ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) I started this artbook somewhere around summer of 2016, when I was absolutely obsessed with the FNAF video game, so that explains the title. I decided to keep this book since lots of people seemed to like it and I'll just leave it here, I guess. :>

  • ⭐️Lolly's Sketches & Doodles⭐️
    116K 21.6K 129

    Mostly updates on weekends ~but summer is coming up >:0 Welcome to my book of art! I hope we can all get along! :-) My name is Manager Lollipop, but you can just call me Miss Lolly for short. In this book, you can find all my artworks! I consider myself a decent artist, and I hope you like what is featured in thi...

  • Sketch Nook
    12.1K 1.3K 87

    A little corner where I can shine, or at least sparkle.

  • Challenges! 2 (Discontinued)
    4.4K 725 94

    Here is another Challenges book with more Contests and Prizes! So hang on to your pencils tight for who knows what could happened!

  • hope [ art book 2 ]
    43K 7.3K 81

    [ this is an outdated artbook!! please go to recent ones for examples of my art. ] Why hello friend i see that you have found my hideout. Either you just found me, or you're a lil stalker - BUT THats ok i love you anyways and i hope that you enjoy my art as much as i enjoy making it.

  • Steven Universe Crack
    174K 8.6K 26

    Steven Universe is an amazing show. And Peridot is an illuminati space dorito.

  • poetry
    138 21 4

    (admin's poetry) this book is a way to express myself using poetry.

  • Inky's naughty book of art volume 1 (sorta)
    15.5K 1.1K 27

    only the most greasy may enter and enjoy the greasy goodness

  • My life ;_;
    206 11 17

    Something where I can write about my emotions 🙃

    37.5K 5.8K 62

    if you're looking for art then you have come to the right place ----------------------- ☆I only take requests if I ask for them ☆Art trades are closed but Art Collabs are open ☆I (might) hold art contests ☆Contains no nudity, gore or NSFW drawings (if you're looking for that, please go to my NSFW book) ☆Swearing is al...

  • ↱T̠h̠e̠ ꀸꂦꂦꀸ꒒ꍟ Jȏȗяṅѧʟ 2.0↲ [artbook vol.2]
    2.9K 415 17

    -Requests - [Never/Unless I say they're opened] -Art Trades - [If I want to] -Collabs - [Open] Woo 2nd artbook :>> Ready for more cringe?? :)) send hElp.

  • [insert art pun]
    11K 2.7K 127

    ar(n)t i punny