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  • A Hundred Cliches That Really Need To Die
    83.2K 5.3K 103

    Ever watched or read something, and felt annoying that a certain plot device was used for the thousandth time? Well, I certainly have. Here are a hundred of some of the worst cliche's ever, which hopefully none of you will use any time soon in your Watt Pad works.

  • WTF Wattpad!?
    198K 15.4K 77

    It's just what the title says people. The WTF moments of wattpad and it's writers! And what's also wrong with!

  • How To: Make An Original Character
    257K 16.8K 25

    Highest Ranking: #1 in Non-Fiction [27.9.16] How many Kylies are there on this site? Do all of them have to have messy buns? Why does everyone love Starbucks so much? Why does every heroine have to have some sad back story? Why does everyone have to look like a model? Is there some really small gene pool that I don't...

  • Anti Mary-Sue Character Guide
    189K 12.2K 55

    Here is just my list of tips of how to avoid creating/writing a Mary-Sue character. Take them as you wish. Greatest Achievements: #1 in non-fiction!!!

  • Dumb Book Moments
    196K 10K 23

    These are just some dumb moments in books I've picked up. This 'book' includes dumb moments from fan fictions, school cliché's, super natural people and many more. Warning: Book contains swearing and inappropriateness

  • Wattpad Clichés
    551K 26K 51

    A long, long list of the cliches of wattpad...basically what the title says

  • Dumb Fan-Fiction Moments
    10.6K 568 9

    Hey people on earth and in outer space even though I doubt you have wifi up there! Everyone has read a fan fiction before, yes? Well there are so many cheesy moments, I decided to make a book out of them! So enjoy, read, laugh, and become a new member of my unicorn club! Bye bye!

  • Wattpad Cliches
    27.6K 891 6

    Let's face it. The majority of stories on Wattpad are the same and it's not just the plots but practically everything. The same characters, the same tragic backgrounds, the same openings, the same ways of describing things, the same plots- everything. Here I'll name some things I've seen in most of the stories on here...