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  • Fic: And We'll Never Know The Reason
    1.4K 52 1

    Paul couldn't believe his eyes. Or John’s eyes, to be more precise. Everything in him was John, his voice, his hair; his face and even, well, other parts of his body too. And when he heard a vague moan from the bedroom a terrified idea formed in his head for the first time. If he was John, then where was the actual on...

  • Hamburg Days
    1.5K 90 1

    It was a small room filled with sweaty, randy, leather-clad boys; something was bound to happen. [McLennon]

  • For You, Blue ⌲ The Beatles
    9.2K 513 16

    Follow Teddy and her adventure in to the past- ultimately disrupting the balance between time and space all while just trying to save someone she never knew.

  • Don't Want None
    2.4K 72 15

    George has shorts. Paul has shorts. Chaos ensues. This is what the kids nowadays call a shitpost.

  • The Plan
    22.2K 1K 5

    George decides he has enough of Paul's lovesick talk about John and takes it upon himself to get them together, not without a little help from his friend, Ringo. Who would happen to like George to get them together when he's finished with Paul and John. George's seemingly simple plan is becoming more and more complica...

  • Illegal Love - McLennon and Starrison
    64.7K 2.8K 37

    John and Paul start a relationship, and things quickly become a lot more complicated in their lives. Feelings are realized. Moments are had. Bridges are burned. Nothing will be the same again. Will love between two men prevail during the sixties, a time where being homosexual is taboo, and even onwards? McLennon and S...

  • Yesterday • McLennon One Shot
    2.3K 69 3

    "Remember when you told me we'd always be by each other's side forever, John? But now, I'm own my own." © @siiiccaa_ for the amazing cover ❤️

  • You Don't Touch What's Mine
    51.4K 2.2K 16

    John Lennon is a well-known boy at Quarry Bank highschool. He is a huge troublemaker with a record that will stick with him. He has one goal, to make a certain younger, doe-eyed boy --by the name of Paul McCartney-- his. Yet, Paul wants nothing to do with John but John wants everything to do with Paul, but....he want...

  • McLennon Mini Stories
    835 43 4

    Just a book filled with some McLennon that I made up. THERE WILL PROBABLY BE NO SMUT. This is just some cutesy mini stories, nothing too hardcore. And I will accept requests, if y'all have any. \(•3•)/

  • Break Me One More Time [McLennon]
    205K 10.2K 95

    Paul McCartney has got a chance to change John Lennon's fate. There's a man with magic powers who somehow becomes Paul's friend along the way. There are a handful of time traveling organizations, none of which are exactly what they appear to be. Oh, and something really needs to be done about the fact that John seems...

  • The nowheremen.
    330 21 11

    George Harrison is dead and he knows exactly how. He meets another lonely but lost soul along the way, one of which he knew in his former life. Will he help the lonely souls find his way around? Will they spend eternity lost together?

  • Yesterday - A Beatles Fanfic
    25.8K 1.1K 30

    "Lucky seven's what they say. Seven will send your troubles away. It's just a number that doesn't count. My troubles are here to stay. Lucky seven's what they say. Seven will take your worries away. Seven adds to no amount. My worries are here to stay." What happens when one certain child gets hold of one certain gui...

  • The Beatles in 2014
    3.3K 104 17

    The sequel of The Beatles In 2013

  • 1 A Little Tale of...Four Beatles
    6K 150 11

    A normal modern day college student, Marin, wakes up one morning to a surprise. And a note is left for her saying that she has ___ this long to take care of the four little boys... Dedicated to: LennonLovesMe

  • The Beatles Through History
    10.4K 74 33

    Ringo falls into a hole...the others follow...takes place during 1964....but is mainly IN 1940s...Ends......not sure.... Anyroad! And this hole leads to, a WHOLE noter join the boys on their trip to the past, their not sure why they're here but its for a other words: Time Crash!! Tell me what yo...

  • #2 The Beatles In 2016
    55K 702 170

    This is the sequel of: #1 The Beatles In 2016. Drama.. one word drama. The band is splitting up in all different kind of ways.. paranormal ways.. Hopefully they will be okay.. hopefully. Through these issues they notice.. They have to survive. Please read #1 The Beatles In 2016 before reading this one. (I've noticed s...

  • All My Loving (On Hold)
    2K 126 19

    Life is rough for the Beatles. All the touring, being famous, surprisingly not having girlfriends... It was hard for them. It was all going downhill. Until one day... Warnings: Swearing. Hardcore swearing. Slash. Violence. Some reference to domestic abuse.

  • #1 The Beatles In 2016
    233K 4.3K 200

    When The Beatles time travel and have no clue of what happened to them. They get separated and need to find themselves back together and try to survive here. Till they might... maybe.. come home. how will this turn out? Sequel: #2 The Beatles In 2016 The cover is made by this amazing person @XxRed-QueenxX She made a...

  • Starrison Scenarios [✔️]
    266K 10.9K 200

    Dedicated to the second perfect Beatle slash OTP !!!

    Completed   Mature
  • The Beatles: Short stories series
    923 46 6

    short Beatles fanfics!

  • Toddlers
    9.4K 349 6

    John and Paul's adventures as they first meet as children. What more? (Mclennon mostly and some Starrison)

  • Lennstarr Scenarios [✔️]
    104K 5.9K 200

    Random shit for all your Lemon Square needs!

    Completed   Mature
  • Nothing Is Gonna Change My World (McLennon, Starrison)
    83.7K 3.2K 65

    The Beatles were at the top, rewriting the music history books. They drove all the girls crazy with their good looks and talent. However, as humans, we cannot control our feelings, especially when they happen to be frowned upon. There may be more to a person than you'd think.

  • The Beatles In 2013
    38.3K 1.2K 42

    4 boys from Liverpool who came accidently in 2013. how would George Harrison, Ringo Starr, John Lennon and Paul McCartney survive? 4 boys from 1963 to 2013 and 2014. will they ever come home? will they ever get used to "Modern Technology"? (the sequal is: 'The Beatles In 2014' and 'Zandy' is also a part of this serie)...

  • Random Beatle things
    23.4K 2.7K 168