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  • Being a teen Christian: daily prayer book
    2.1K 134 9

    Are you finding it hard to pray? Here are some daily prayers to help you along your way.

  • A Christian's 30 Day Challenge To Deeper Living
    174K 4.9K 15

    This is your challenge: grow spiritually, do things you didn't know you could, and delve into a deeper relationship with your Creator. There is no room for wimps. Be commited. Start now.

  • Confessions of a Teenage Christian (A Devotional Book for Teen Girls)
    450K 17.4K 78

    Sometimes, life can be hard-especially for teenage girls. We have to balance an endless amount of new responsibilities all while trying to figure out who we are and who we want to be. Even though my life is constantly subject to change, there is one thing that remains constant: God. Because He is my Lord and Savior, I...

  • Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here
    4.6K 169 4

    God is a part of our daily life. He helps us when we need it. We usually don't even resize that he is helping us when he actually is. God is an important part of our lives and we are an important part of his.

  • God Didn't Create Us To Be Average (Daily Devotional)
    33.5K 1.2K 56

    God didn't create us to be average. We were made to excel. Ephesians 1:4 Daily devotions written by a teen girl to teen girls. Dedicated to God, my mother, my three amazing sisters, and my truly fantastic best friend. Also to all you teen girls out there. You are the kings daughter! Smile and shine, princess!

  • Knowing the Lord: DEVOTIONS
    435 50 5

    These devotions focus on knowing God rather than knowing rules. It's a common thing today: reduce the beauty of a relationship with God to a set of regulations and habits. But, that's not going to be you. You want more. You want to know God to the fullest. You want to live the live He's given You to the fullest. So, c...

  • Encouragement Through Christ
    249 30 11

    ❁ a book full of encouragement ❁ ❁ part of the "God in Us" series ❁

  • My Letters to God.
    3.4K 285 115

    "I feel like I'm going in circles. Like I'm stuck in a cycle and I can't seem to claw my way out of. It's feels like when I found my religion again I started grieving. Like all the things I've ever held in and ignored through others things are finally spilling out of me. It's something I need: to grieve but it's also...

  • Being a Teen Christian: The Time Is now
    9.7K 994 52

    Do you feel lost? Don't know where to go? Feel as if something is missing? That missing ingredient in your life is Jesus. You need his protection and love. He will make you whole and complete and fill your emptiness. Read more, the time is now.

  • A Christian's Devotional
    522 25 13

    a book that fully supports God and his abundance of love for us also the title says it all, a christian devotional

  • Verse of the day
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    Every day there is a lesson,I want to share that with you.join me as a share the verse of the day,we will grow preach and be merry.join me and many others the learn about what God has done for us and what we can do for him.

  • Encouragement & Inspiration For Teen Girls
    9.8K 766 26

    Encouragement. Inspiration. Advice. *** Covering topics like Beauty, Purpose, Insecurities, Worth, Faith, and everyday life choices. YOU are beautiful. YOU are loved. YOU are a world changer. Don't ever let anyone change your smile! You are God's beautiful creation and so very loved! NOTE: Please don't feel...

  • You're Already Gorgeous
    7.1K 290 7

    Everyone has them. The days when you feel a lot like crap. "I'm fat, I'm ugly" run through your mind all day, making you shrink into yourself, afraid that someone will comment. Afraid someone will be mean. But what if you were already gorgeous? What if you were already loved? And you didn't know it yet? Written by...